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Q: How much money does a hiesman trophy winner receive?
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Why do you want to be the winner of this pageant?

If you win a pagent you get a reword like money a meadat or trophy

How much money does miss US winner receive?


How much money does the winner of madden nation receive?

Approximately $100K.

What do you get if you win the bayblade world championship?

The winner of the Beyblade world championship typically receives a trophy, a special edition Beyblade, and the title of world champion. They may also receive prize money or sponsorship deals depending on the event.

What else besides prize money does the us open winner receive?

In addition to prize money, the US Open winner receives a trophy, a commemorative jacket, and a significant number of ranking points that can elevate their status in the professional tennis world. They also earn a place in history as a champion of one of the most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments in the world.

What does the winner of the US Chess Championship get?

Prize money and a trophy. He/she also get the title and a guarantee spot on the Olympiad if there is one that year.

How much money does a BET Award winner receive?

The Golden Globe winners do receive money, and their trophies.

What is the monetary value of winning the Heisman Trophy?

It has no monetary award, but it usually translates to a higher signing bonus when the player is drafted into the NFL.

What amount of money did the Australian Open Men Singles winner receive in 2010?


How much money does the winner of the Miss Universe pageant receive?

There are no cash money awarded for winning the pageant. The winner is paid a monthly salary during her reign of about $1,500.00 USD

What is the prize for the winner of the Iditarod?

· $69,000 - 1st place in Nome · $3,000 in Silver Dollars & Trophy - 1st musher in Iditarod (the town) · Seven-course gourmet dinner flown in from a fancy restaurant in Anchorage - 1st musher in Anvik

What did the winner of the 2011 Daytona 500 receive?

Fame and fortune, for lessor drivers, some money and some notoriety.