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As of August 9, 2007: The #1 pick in the draft, JaMarcus Russell, has not signed a contract. The #2 pick, Calvin Johnson, signed for 6 year deal for $64 million with $27.2 million guaranteed. That is an average of $10.66 million a year. The #32 and final first round draft pick, Anthony Gonzalez, signed a 5 year contract for $10.3 million with $5.4 million guaranteed. That is an average of $2.06 million a year.

Most all first round draft picks sign a 5 or 6 year contract. Since all 32 draft choices are not signed it is not possible to come up with an average but it would be safe to say an average of $5 to $6 million a year would be in the ballpark.

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Top NFL draft picks can expect to earn $25 million to $30 million in multi-year deals worth $5 million to $6 million per year. The negotiated contracts of the top picks set the scale for lesser draft picks, so players selected as the third, fifth, 10th, etc., player in the first round often wait to see how much players selected ahead of them will earn before agreeing to contract terms.

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Based on the 2013 NFL draft, a first round draft pick can expect to sign a 4 year contract, earning between 1.7 million and 4.5 million dollars per year. Obviously the higher you are selected in the draft, the higher your salary will be. The following is a list of the 2013 NFL Drafts first round selection and their associated contracts:

Pick / Player / Pos / College / Draft Team / Years /Dollars / Signing Bonus

1 Eric Fisher RT,T Central Michigan KC 4 $22,190,498 $14,518,544

2 Luke Joeckel RT,T Texas A&M JAC 4 $21,201,598 $13,799,344

3 Dion Jordan DE Oregon MIA from OAK 4 $20,572,310 $13,341,680

4 Lane Johnson RT,T Oklahoma PHI 4 $19,853,103 $12,818,620

5 Ezekiel Ansah DE Brigham Young DET 4 $18,594,514 $11,903,272

6 Barkevious Mingo OLB,LB Louisiana State CLE 4 $16,347,001 $10,268,728

7 Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina ARI 4 $14,549,002 $8,961,092

8 Tavon Austin WR West Virginia STL from BUF 4 $12,751,002 $7,653,456

9 Dee Milliner CB Alabama NYJ 4 $12,661,000 $7,588,000

10 Chance Warmack G Alabama TEN 4 $12,166,652 $7,228,472

11 D.J. Fluker RT,T Alabama SD 4 $11,402,498 $6,672,730

12 D.J. Hayden CB Houston OAK from MIA 4 $10,323,698 $5,888,144

13 Sheldon Richardson DE Central Missouri NYJ from TB 4 $10,054,000 $5,692,000

14 Star Lotulelei DT Utah CAR 4 $9,604,500 $5,365,092

15 Kenny Vaccaro S Texas NO 4 $9,424,712 $5,234,336

16 E.J. Manuel QB Florida State BUF from STL 4 $8,885,300 $4,842,036

17 Jarvis Jones OLB,LB Georgia PIT 4 $8,705,502 $4,711,272

18 Eric Reid S Louisiana State SF from DAL 4 $8,480,736 $4,547,808

19 Justin Pugh RT,T Syracuse NYG 4 $8,345,898 $4,449,744

20 Kyle Long G Oregon CHI - Contract terms not disclosed.

21 Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame CIN 4 $8,256,001 $4,384,364

22 Desmond Trufant CB Washington ATL from WAS via STL 4 $8,164,750 $4,318,000

23 Sharrif Floyd DT Florida MIN 4 $8,076,200 $4,253,600

24 Bjoern Werner OLB,LB Florida State IND 4 $7,896,398 $4,122,835

25 Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State MIN from SEA 4 $7,806,502 $4,057,456

26 Datone Jones DE California-Los Angeles GB 4 $7,716,588 $3,992,064

27 DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson HOU 4 $7,626,702 $3,926,692

28 Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina DEN 4 $7,581,750 $3,894,000

29 Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee MIN from NE 4 $7,221,049 $3,631,672

30 Alec Ogletree OLB,LB Georgia STL from ATL 4 $7,030,034 $3,492,752

31 Travis Frederick C Wisconsin DAL from SF 4 $6,870,028 $3,376,384

32 Matt Elam S Florida BAL 4 $6,767,002 $3,301,456

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A 4th round draft pick can range from $35,000 up to $100,000. It really depends on the GM and the players importance to the team after being evaluated.

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It could vary from anywhere between 4 - 7.5 million dollars.It could depend if ur a starter as well

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Q: How much money does a fourth round NFL draft pick earn?
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