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Q: How much money does a college football scout make?
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How much money does a college football quarterback coach make?


Does college football make money for there colleges?

Football is the number one sports revunue generator on average for all colleges

How much money does ncaa make off college football bowl games?

1 billion

How much money do college athletic programs make?

There are a few articles on college football programs and money made in the related links below. Most of the time, any sport other than football and sometimes basketball, lose money.

Do football players need a college education?

Not if they make enough money, and if they do they might blow it shortly after they retire from football and not have enough money left to last the rest of their lives.

How much money does a college football official make?

It definetly depends on the school but the median is 36,000-44,000

Who make more money football or swimming?

It depends on which people you are talking about. You could say Michael Phelps (Olympic Swimmer) makes more money than a linebacker of a small college football league. But the average football player does make more money than an average swimmer.

How much does a college football player make?

College football players, by NCAA rules, aren't allowed to make money playing football. it is amateur sports, meaning, the athletes are not paid. it is strictly forbidden by the NCAA for a collegiate athlete to receive compensation for playing sports.

How much do college football players make?

It is against the NCAA Rules to pay college football players, therefore, college football players make $0 per year until they get to the pros.

If you go to college can you play football for your college football team?

yes. You must make the team first though.

How much does a NFL football make?

a football cant make money everyone knows that

How much does a college football recruiter make?

About $200,000

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