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for high school coaches about 15 cents a day lmfao its voulenteer thats how much my coach gets paid

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Q: How much money does a cheerleading coach get?
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How much money does a top gun cheerleading coach make?

Close to around 30$ it all depends on what you coach for if you coach for tumbling then probably 20$ an hour or if you coach bases it would be 30$ too. Coachs that coach flyers are the people that get the most money, they get around 40$ an hour!

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid?

about 6000-10000 a year

How much does a cheerleading beginer coach get paid an hour?

The salary for a beginning cheerleader coach will vary depending on location. The average salary for a cheerleading coach who is just starting out is about $33,000 per year

How much does a cheer coach make?

Our cheerleading coach makes about 1700 a year. but that's only for junior high

What is the least amount of money a cheerleading coach earn in about a year?

It really depends on where you are coaching & how much THEY pay you. Honestly, coaches for cheer do not get paid a lot. If you love cheer, that's what makes you want to coach, not how much money you make. If you are not devoted to coaching, it's definitely not the job for you.

How do you work in cheerleading?

To get a job in cheerleading, you can try out for the cheerleading team of a professional football team (such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders), stunt double for characters in cheerleading movies (have you ever seen Bring It On?), or coach/assistant coach a cheerleading team near you.

How many cheerleaders are there in a football game?

it dependa on the cheerleading coach. the cheerleading coach usually picks the amount of cheerleaders she or he wants in a game.

How much money do cheerleading coaches make?

NOT Enough!!! :)

What are the materials used in cheerleading?

To start out: a coach, sports kit and a team. If you go to competition, money, spirit, kit, and that's about it

Who is the cheerleading coach at Falcon Cove Middle School?

Now it is Coach Malone

Does a cheerleading coach need a degree?

Yes.Cheerleading Coaches need degrees because it show that theyve expirienced of being a coach and is responsible for the girls on the cheerleading team.