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In 2012, while racing full-time in the Nascar Cup Series, Regan Smith earned $4,153,890.

He is now a full-time Nascar Nationwide Series driver.

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Q: How much money does Nascar driver Regan Smith make?
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Who makes more money a nascar racer or a soccer player?

A NASCAR driver makes more money than a soccer player. NASCAR drivers also make a lot of money from sponsors.

Does Jeff Gordon have the most money out of any Nascar driver?


How much money dose a nascar driver win if he wins the Winston cup?

7 million plus

How much does the last place winner in nascar get paid?

The amount of money won by a NASCAR driver in last place will vary from person to person. This is because it depends on their contract.

When a NASCAR driver is fined and he pays the fine where does the money go and what is it used for?

Good Question! All fines are collected by Nascar, put into a penalties fund! At the conclusion of the season. The money is then divided up into equal portions, and given back to all owners, that raced in the season.

How can a person with no money get into NASCAR?

They can't. You have to have lots of money to get in to NASCAR car.

Who has more money MLB or NASCAR?


How much money did Nascar driver Ryan Newman make in 2008?

In the Sprint Cup Series Ryan Newman winnings were $6,179,560.

How much money does a female Nascar driver make?

Female Nascar drivers can make just as much as the male drivers. It all depends on how the driver finishes in each particular race. Different races have different payouts. There is no discrimination, if a woman won the Daytona 500, she is guaranteed to win over $1 million.

What is the largest amount of money won by a Nascar driver?

In the year 2006 Jimmy Johnson made 15,770,125. That is almost 16 million dollars. That's a fact.

Who is the most successful driver in Nascar ever?

If you mean money made from their contract, Car owner, Nascar, Sponsors, Bonuses and winnings, it would be Jeff Gordon. This does not include Commercials, personal appearances or merchandising.

Why did NASCAR change to Sunoco gas?

Because they gave NASCAR more money.