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Depends if your a PRO

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Q: How much money do you make racing dirt bikes?
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Does haro make racing bikes?

yes haro makes a big range of racing bikes

What kind of dirt bikes are there?

The two main types of dirt bikes are motocross and trail bikes. Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda all make these types of dirt bikes.

What materials were originaly used to make dirt bikes?

The materials that were originally used to make dirt bikes included rubber, plastic, steel, and aluminum. These materials are used to make those bikes today.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a dirt bike?

A motorcylce is a vehicle that is street legal and you can drive on public roads and high ways. A dirt bike is an off-road vehicle used for recreational purposes and/or racing. -tlb Also has the above you do get the trail bikes that have been stripped down for off road use like the old Dt's but to be sure it is not an old trail bike acting as a dirt bike, A proper dirt bike have plastic petrol tanks not metal and the frames are made out of alloy not tubular steel you would need to know this if you were racing your mates on dirt bikes as the dirt bikes can withstand the jumps as the pretend dirt bikes will do the jump bit, but on landing will do considerable damage to the frame which would make it unsafe and dangerous for you and the bike

Texas laws for dirt bikes?

Most dirt bikes in Texas are not considered to be street legal. They would need to be modified to make them compliant with the law.

Will homeowners cover stolen dirt bikes not licensed?

Homeowners insurance does not cover dirt bikes. There is dirt bike coverage that can be purchased. Dirt bikes are not required to be licensed in order to use them. Make sure that your dirt bike coverage stipulates that it is covered upon theft because not all policies include theft.

Who made a MX DIRT dirt bike?

YAMAHA About all manufactures make an SX or MX bikes

What materials was used to make the first dirt bike?

all the materails used today for dirt bikes

Why do they do frestyle on dirt bikes?

Basically because they can, and because the dirt bikes make it possible. They're light enough, powerful enough, and can take the beating well enough.

What types of bikes does Felt Bicycles make?

Felt Bicycles produces most types of bicycles. They are an American company and advertise that they manufacture mountain bikes, street bikes, racing bikes, and cyclocross bikes.

What is the best brand of dirt bike and why?

Brand wise, it is KTM. The make a wide varity of dirt bikes in both two and four strokes. They have everything from kid's bikes to enduro bikes to MX bike. They are by far the best.

Are fenders interchangeable on dirt bikes?

sometimes if you need a new one try eBay of course or go to this company called UFO plastics they make new plastic for dirt bikes really cheap

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