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I checked the ESPN PGA money leaders webpage for 2009 and did a quick average and came up with about $854,000 average and a median of $549,000 for the 260 players listed. This would not include endorsements. Tiger was at the top with about $10M...Matt

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In 2009 the least money a tournament winner has received is $648,000 and the most is $1,710,000 at The Players.

Check related link for winnings list.

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Q: How much money do you get for winning the PGA tour?
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How much was the winning purse in the 2010 PGA Tour?


How much money has Tiger Woods won during his lifetime on the PGA tour?

Tiger Woods' career earning on the PGA Tour is $87,832,539. (Source PGA Tour website)

How do you keep a PGA tour card?

The PGA Tour card - "What is it?"The "PGA Tour card" is a small business-size card with their name, basic info, and year. Here is a picture of Casey Martin with his: actual card is only a symbol of the playing priveledges earned by the player. It is not necessary to present the card to play in an event, the PGA organizers have all the information on site as to who is eligible to enter or attempt to qualify. All players must present two forms of ID upon registration, at least one with photo, not matter how recognizable a player is. The PGA Tour card can be used for one of these IDs, and commonly is along with the players' drivers' license or passport.ANSWER:It's just like a small card that looks like atm card or credit card..

How much money did Tiger Woods make on the PGA Tour last year?

$5,775,000 on the 2008 PGA Tour, but he only played half a season.

What sport wins a green jacket?

It's usually the standing chairman of Augusta National, as in the cases of Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods. However, when Jack Nicklaus won in consecutive years, he put it on himself.

What is the average salary on the PGA?

There is no salary on the PGA tour. You make money by winning. On the pro circuit, making the cut usually provides a profit over the entry fees. They can also earn money through endorsements and corporate sponsors.

What is Tiger Woods winning percentage on PGA tour?

18% of the total purse e.g. if the purse is $5,000,000 the winner gets $900,000.

Who has earned most money in the PGA tour?

tiger woods