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about 1 million or more you need go that website you will find that answer

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Q: How much money do united indoor football league players make a season?
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What is the pay rate for indoor football players?

According to, the base salary for an AFL player is $1,647 per game (16 games in a season) and the maxmum salary in the league is $80,000 per season.

What is the UFL?

The UFL is a football league where the relased NFL players it is supose to kickoff 09-10 season

Who were the players on the 1965 Miami Dolphins team?

No one. Miami's first season in the American Football League was 1966.

How often are football players paid?

football players are paid weekly or at the end of a season

When does 2011 football season start?

There might not be one because of the lockout. Players and the presidents of the league have to agree on contract negotiations. If there is a season then it might be cut short.

What is a maximum number of players on a football roster?

regular season 55 players pre season 70or more players

When will the Football League Season Start?


Do the college football players or the professional football players play first?

College football season normal starts before the NFL season does. College is normally 3 weeks into their season before the pros start.

Which Indoor Football league teams are having open tryouts soon for the 2010 season?

La Crosse Spartans (October 10/11)

Where do the players in the Canadian Football League stay during the season?

The majority of players in the Canadian Football League are settled-in as year-round residents of Canada. Those who are not are usually responsible for making their own arrangements with respect to accommodation, with some assistance often being available from their teams.

How many football players are there in the English Premier league?

Officially it's 500, as each team had to name a 25-man squad for the season.

Can football players play for three teams in a season?


Players salaries in the arena football league?

As of the 2010 season, the pay is now at $400 flat pay a game. Each team is given 3 franchise tickets for those players who are above the average. Those players receive $1000 a game. Considering there is a 16 game season, the average player's salary would be $6,400 a season. For a franchise player, it would be $16,000 a year. There are current speculations now of the league joining buisinesses with the Canadian Football League. As of what happens with the pay then is still up for debate.

How many games do arena football players play?

There are 18 games in a season of arena football.

What premier league team has used the most players this season?

The Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has tinkered the most with his players this season.

How many weeks in a axis football league season?


How many games do the Major League Baseball players play in a season?

162 games in each Major League Baseball Season

How many football players in a football team?

There are 11 starting players on Offense and Defense. I think it varies how many players are actually on the roster. It also depends when in the season we are talking about. In preseason, there are more than during the actual season.

How many players on Australian Rules Football team?

18 players and 4 interchange players and in the pre season 6 interchange players

How do you join the CFL?

If you are asking how to become a player in the Canadian Football League, first become one of the top football players in North America, then ask for a tryout at one of the pre-season training camps. If you are asking about acquiring a franchise in the Canadian Football League, contact the league's head office with a business plan and a ton of money.

Can College Coaches talk to prep football players during the season?

ya all levels of football do that

How much did professional soccer players get paid in the 1900s?

The AFU managed to persuade the Football Association and the Football League not to introduce maximum wages. When Liverpool won the First division championship in the 1900-01 season their players were on £7, which with bonuses could reach £10. The Football Association passed a rule at its AGM that set the maximum wage of professional footballers playing in the Football League at £4 a week. It also abolished the paying of all bonuses to players. This new rule was brought in at the beginning of the 1901-02 season.

When does the football league season start in 2010?

The 2010 football league season started on August 15, 2009 and it consisted of 20 teams. It came to an end on May 9, 2010.

What is NFL drafting?

The NFL draft, or player selection meeting, is held annually. During this meeting, the teams in the National Football League can recruit eligible college football players to play on their teams for the following season.

When does English football league start next season?

when do want it to start