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800 million

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Q: How much money do the New York Yankees bring in during a season?
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Are the padres better than the Yankees?

Not by a long shot. Yankees have more money and better all around players. All the Padres honestly have is Adrian Gonzalez and Jake Peavy. The rest are fairly mediocre. Yankees during any given season could put up around 8 all stars should they perform how they have in past seasons. Padres just don't have the money or the pull that the Yankees do. Not to say the Padres couldn't very easily beat them in a three game series during the regular season if they were to theoretically met up.

How much money is lost during Christmas season?

I wouldn't say any money is lost during the Christmas season. If money is 'well-spent', then there can be no loss.

How much money was spent during the holiday season in 2008?

441.97 billion

Was possible for a sharecropper who made money during a growing season?

all of the above

Why are the New York Yankees such a great team?

Money... money... money.

What was the highest contract signed by Bernie Williams on the New York Yankees baseball team?

Bernie Williams SalaryI don't know how much money each contract Bernie Williams signed or the number of years. He earned $100,00o during his rookie year with the Yankees, and earned $1,500,000.00 during his final season in 2006. His highest salary for one year was $12,357,143.0, which he earned each year from 2000 to 2005.

Who makes more money the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys?

the Yankees

Did people use livers for money during the french revolution?

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Was there a football team called the NY Yankees?

Yes. There was a team in the NFL in the 1927 and 1928 seasons called the New York Yankees. They began play in the 'new' American Football League in 1926. The American Football League folded after one season and the Yankees were admitted into the NFL. Red Grange was their star player but he was injured in 1928 and sat out the entire season. The Yankees lost a lot of money and at the end of the season, the team folded.

Are the Mets better than the Yankees?

No the Yankees have more money to spend and are a better team. The Yankees have beaten the Mets in the World Series, the subway series. The Yankees are probably the best team in baseball, because they have the most money to spend hiring great players.

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