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3,000 dollars on advertising.

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Q: How much money do alcohol companies per year on advertising?
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How much money is spent on alcohol advertising in US per year?

About 6 billion every year is spent on alcohol advertising.

Why do companies spent so much money on advertising?

awareness of product only....

How much money was spent on advertising by all the advertising companies in 2008?

Outsell Inc. published a report Estimating budget for advertising and marketing in the USA 2008 at $412,400,000,000

How do companies promote tobacco and alcohol?

Companies promote these through the use of advertising, not so much as before due to heavy regulation. Alcohol is still advertised on television, whereas tobacco is not anymore. Tobacco companies do not promote the USE OF tobacco short of selling it. Commercials on television advertising alcohol now almost all include "please enjoy responsibly" as well.

How much money is spent on pharmaceutical marketing in Canada?

There is much controversy in pharmaceutical companies and their marketing. Many spend more on advertising than they do dollars for research. In 2004, pharmaceutical companies invested over $1.7 billion in advertising in Canada alone.

How much does the alcohol industry spend on advertising in one year?

Approximately two billion dollars is spent on advertising each year by the alcohol industry. Much of this advertising is done during sporting events.

How much money does the US make from alcohol?

how much money does Kentucky make from alcohol

How much do tobacco companies spend on advertising in the UK?

The tobacco companies spend huge sums on advertising. But they make twice the amount back from sales.

How much does alcohol industry spend on advertising in one year?

6 billion

How much money is spent on advertising in Canada?

A lot of money.... That's for sure

What is the annual budget for advertising for the us postal service and who is their advertising company?

Too much...we the people are the funding for not only the advertising, we pay the salaries for the governmdng owned advertising companies as well!

How much money do advertisers spend on advertising?

2 dollars

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