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Q: How much money do Manchester united make on their merchandise?
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How does Manchester united make money?

sponsors etc.

Aims of Manchester united?

To win games and make as much money as posible.

How much money does arsenal make on merchandise?

how much does arsenal make on merchandise?

How much money does a merchandise manager make?


Manchester United in Spanish?

You are going to have to rephrase your question, it doesn't really make any sense but if you are asking what Manchester United is in the Spanish language then it is still Manchester United because it is a name

How muchrevenue does Manchester United make in a year?


How much money does Mickey Mouse clubhouse make on merchandise?


How much money does a baseball player make by their merchandise?

The money a baseball player makes by their merchandise depends on a couple of factors such as specific merchandise and the number of players to divide the revenue with. As of 2013, a baseball player earned as much as $100,000 by their merchandise.?æ

How much money does kirk hammet make in a year?

4.5 million that's not including all the money he make off of Metallica merchandise

How much does Manchester United make each home game?

£1.3 million

Which sport makes more money soccer or baseball?

Soccer players make infinitely more money than baseball players. The #1 sports franchise in the world is Manchester United, a soccer team.

Why are Manchester united the best?

All their player are made from scratch unlike other teams who but the good players which manchester united make i.e cristiano ronaldo was unknown before he came to manchester united and made history, wayne rooney,ryan giggs,david beckham. Manchestter United are known for creating good player and not buying them. They are the most succesfull soccer team and have barely spent money on player and they still win.

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