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Thierry Henry signed for Arsenal on August 3, 1999 for an estimated fee of 11 million pounds.

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Q: How much money did Arsenal pay for Thierry Henry?
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How much money does Thierry Henry make?


What was thierry henrys salary at arsenal?

Henry was arsenals highest paid player , as Arsenal do not pay to much it could be 50,000 poundsa week.

How much money did thierry Henry make in his first year of soccer?

Thierry Henry may not have made much money at his first football club Monaco, nor at Juventus where he was a substitute and was unhappy in Italy. but it was Arsene Wenger who gavehim a chance at Arsenal , and he broke Ian Wrights record, before moving to Barcelona.

How much is thierry Henry worth?

how much would it be t buy terry Henry

How much does thierry Henry earn a week?

£300,000per week

How much salary nasri get at arsenal?

how much money did nasri take arsenal

How much money does arsenal make on merchandise?

how much does arsenal make on merchandise?

Do people like Thierry Henry?

Some do, others not so much.

Why did thierry Henry and partrick vieira leave arsenal?

because them 2 wants to leave arsenal to go to a better team or they want to leave football and retired and Patrick vier wanted to go to a better team. Agree. For Vieira, he left not just because of title and Champions league, another reason is that he wants more money, demand much more salary which Arsenal cant pay. Henry left only because of Champions league; however, they both have respect of all Arsenal fans because they devoted everything they have in successful years of Arsenal then left in peace and gratefulness of Arsenal fans. But I don't know about other Arsenal fans, but Vieira doesnt really get every respect from me because after all, money is still the top reason he left. Henry, Berkamp, Pires, Eduardo, Adams, Dixon, Parlour, ...

How much money do arsenal have?


How much is fabregas on at arsenal?

A lot of money?

Who scored the much discussed goal in the match between Ireland and France?

Thierry Henry

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