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After Arsenal, for which club does Thierry Henry have the maximum appearances?

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Q: After Arsenal for which club does Thierry Henry have the maximum appearances?
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What is the number of goals scored by thierry Henry for arsenal?

Thierry Henry scored a total of 254 goals for Arsenal.

Who is the all-time top scorer for Arsenal?

As of April 2014, the top scorer for Arsenal in all competitive appearances is Thierry Henry, who scored 228 goals in 376 appearances, including as substitute.

Who is the legend of arsenal?

Thierry Henry

Is thierry Henry arsenal's all-time highest goalscorer?

Yes he is. He scored 226 goals in 369 match appearances .

What is Thierry Henry's recent number at Arsenal on loan?

Thierry Henry during his loan time at Arsenal is number twelve.

How many years was thierry Henry at arsenal?

Thierry was at Arsenal from 1999-2007 which is 8 years

Who is arsenal true legend?

Thierry henry

How many matches did Thierry Henry play for arsenal?

Thierry Henry played 254 games for Arsenal. He scored 174 goals in his time with the club.

Who is arsenal current best player?

Thierry Henry

What number did thierry Henry wear for arsenal?


Who is Arsenal's leading goal scorer?

Thierry Henry

Who is the arsenal leagans?

Dennis Bergkamp Thierry Henry

How old was Thierry Henry when he left Arsenal?

Henry was 30 years of age when he lest arsenal for Barcelona.

How many goals did thierry Henry score for arsenal?

Thierry Henry scored a total of 174 goals in 254 games for Arsenal FC in his time there.

How much money did Arsenal pay for Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry signed for Arsenal on August 3, 1999 for an estimated fee of 11 million pounds.

Is thierry Henry coming back to arsenal?

It is highly unlikely that he will come back to Arsenal.

How many goals has thierry Henry for arsenal?

228 in total.

Who has scored the most goals for Arsenal ever?

Thierry Henry

Who is the all time top scorer of arsenal?

Thierry Henry

Is Thierry Henry on Arsenal for good or is it just a loan?


Who is the highest goals scorer in arsenal history?

Thierry Henry

When did Henry join Arsenal?

Thierry Henry joined Arsenal from Juventus in August 1999. The fee is thought to be around £10.5Million.

Whose goal scoring record did Thierry Henry break when he scored his 180 goal for arsenal?

Thierry Henry broke the Arsenal record of 180 goals set be Ian Wright.

How old was thierry Henry when he joined arsenal?

Thierry Henry transferred from Juventus to Arsenal on August 3, 1999, at the age of 21, remaining at the club until June 25, 2007.

Which football player has made the most appearances ever?

Thierry Henry