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There going to offer Le Bron James $11 million dollars to go to the Heat's. I think he didn't want to join the Nick's because he wanted to win and plus he had to play taxes to play. And I don't even think he was even considering going with the Net's

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Q: How much money Miami Heat offered LeBron James?
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How much money did the cavs offer LeBron James?

The Cav's did NOT offer Lebron James enough money therefore he left to play for the Miami Heat.

How much money does lebron James make with Miami Heat?

Around 15,700,000

How much money did the Miami Heat offer Dwyane Wade?

they offered him one million less than lebron

How much money will lebron James sign for his new contract?

he could make any amount of money depending on what he is offered.

Why did lebron James leave ckevland for Miami?

Money, and the chance to play on a super team with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Who make more money LeBron James or Floyd Mayweather?

lebron james

How much is lebron James paid?

lebron James doesnt use money....

Who is currently earning the most money in sports?

Lebron James USA and NBA Miami heat basketball player earns $26,000

How much money did Chicago Bulls Miami Heat and Cleveland Caveliers offer Lebron James?

cavs offerd 37 mil bulls offerd 26 mil heat offerd 30 mil knicks offered 150 mil and ownership of team

How much money did Miami pay for lebron?

at least more than a million

Did Lebron make more money when he signed with Miami?

yes he did Miami were way better than Cleveland on that time

Did LeBron James donate money?

Yes he donates money to charity.