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700 to 1000 makes

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Q: How much jump shots does Kobe Bryant shot at practice?
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What position Kobe Bryant played for the LA Lakers?

Kobe Bryant's Position Kobe Bryant plays the position of a Shooting Guard which means you control the jump shots (three pointers, foul shots, inside the key shots, etc.)

How high Kobe Bryant jump?

1.5 m

Can Kobe Bryant jump over a Aston Martin?

yes he did

Did Kobe Bryant really jump a car?

No, it was just in a commercial.

Did Kobe Bryant jump over the Aston Martin really?


Who has better shots Kobe or ray Allen?

Ray Allen has the better wide open shot. He is very good at coming off of screens, curls, and pin downs. However, he cannot get his shot off like Kobe can. Kobe can shoot over anyone at anytime and is far more dominant than ray allen. If you wanted someone to shoot wide open jump shots, then Ray Allen is better. But during a game, if you wanted someone to take a contested jump shot, then Kobe Bryant.

Can Vince Carter jump higher than Kobe Bryant?

I would say they jump about the same height.

Does your neighbor have a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yes, my neighbor has a Yorkshire Terrier named Kobe, after Kobe Bryant because he can jump high.

How do you do a fadeaway like Kobe Bryant?

Post first. Then jump backwards.

Did Kobe Bryant actually jump over a pool of snakes?

No you would have to be blind if you think that was real.

Why is Kobe Bryant the best?

He has great speed, agility, and accuracy. He had mastered the pull-up jump-shot.

Who is better Lamar Odam or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe is because he averages more than 20 points a game but i like Lamar because Kobe a ball hog true dat for the above although Kobe is nice and rarely misses his jump shots, his flaw is ball hogging he still is a great guy cuz he makes lots of buzzer beaters and you should check out on his car jump from 50 mph and another one where he jumped over a pool of black mamba snakes and dunk'd with a basketball

Does the size of the NBA players calf's affect how high they jump?

No. Take a look at Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and you will see that they jump high and have quite slim calves.

How do you perfect your jump shot?

Practice, practice, practice. The only way to get your jump shot down is to practice it from every angle, every situation, and every position. If you practice the same shot every day from the same location, that will do little good. The first step is to try shooting from everywhere in the court. The next step is to try fade-away shots, contested shots, shots with one second on the shot clock, etc. to get you prepared for anything.

Do shoes make Kobe and lebron jump higher?

I am sure they do, but not enough to be considered beyond negligence. Kobe Bryant has the lightest footwear ever produced for basketball, which aids in the practitioner's ability to jump as if not wearing any soles at all. I am sure many basketball products include a scientific element, and that includes LeBron James' footwear also, however, at the given moment, Kobe Bryant's shoes are the most popular footwear among NBA players since Chuck Taylor's Converse.

How many inches does Kobe Bryant Jump to Dunk a Basketball?

There are many kinds of dunks. Let's assume Kobe Bryant a simple dunk - one made by standing directly under the basket and jumping vertically for the stuff. Since Kobe's hand touches the basket after he jumps, we have to compute for the distance between the ring and his vertically stretched arm. 10 feet (height of NBA basket) + 6 inches (extra height necessary to stuff the ball) - 6 feet (kobe's shoulder height) - 2 feet 6 inches (kobe's vertical arm length) =2 feet. Kobe Bryant jumps approximately 24 inches to make a dunk. Add a few inches for the more spectacular dunks where he has to jump a little higher.

Who jumps higher LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

Lebron cause he is a fuqkin beast and Kobe with his sorry asx he cant even jump that high so lebron cause he's just lebron James -qweezy- & (battleboii)

Kobe Bryant shooting form?

hands above your head make sure your elbow is in like a l shape then you jump and wen you get half way in the air you just flick the ball with your wrist and keep it there and make sure you use your knees to help you jump

Who is the best jumpshooter in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant has the purest outside game in the NBA today. However you could argue that a player like Ray Allen has the best set jump shot in the NBA

What is Kobe Bryant's obstacles?

His penis, it's too heavy so he can't run as fast or jump as high with it. He has recently undergone surgery to have it shortened so he will be back at the top very soon.

Why does Kobe Bryant have good 3 pointers?

I'm not completely sure, but he is 6 feet 6 inches, a Shootig Guard also, which makes his skills even better, since he does not have to jump as high to do a jump shot, and he has good range, similar to Michael Jordan. Hope this helped!

How high do jamal crawford jump?

Are you talking about his jump shots

Can Kobe Bryant jump over and Aston Martin?

Of course he can't, the commercial was all Hollywood trickery, if you are an NBA fan, and you wasched "Inside the NBA, they made Kenny "the jet" Smith get run over by an Aston Martin. It was all Hollywood.

Who is better LeBron or Kobey?

Kobe Bryant has more experience, more championships, a better jump shot, and 4 all-star mvps. And he did it all with a diseased finger LeBron James has no championships, virtually no play-off success, and not to mention a big ego and a lot of atitudet

What are the release dates for Hometown - 1985 Fading Away Jump Shots 1-10?

Hometown - 1985 Fading Away Jump Shots 1-10 was released on: USA: 22 October 1985