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As much as you can sell it for!

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Q: How much is the starting lineup nba extended series?
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How much is a Jaromir Jagr 1998 Starting Lineup?

Starting Lineup figures are worth more if they are still unopened. An unopened 1998 Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguin Starting Lineup figure is worth about $17.

How much is a mark mcguire starting lineup figure worth?

the Mark McGwire starting lineup is worth around $10 depending the condition it is in

How much does a Rookie Peyton Manning Starting lineup figure go for?


How much is a Larry bird starting lineup worth?

Still in the original packaging, the Larry Bird Starting Lineup figure from 1988 is worth about $50-$60. However, out of the package, it is only worth about $20.

How much is a cal ripken jr starting lineup figurine worth?

About $2500.00 in perfect con

How much is starting lineup Jerry Rice 1997 collectible worth?

You can pick one up for between 5 and 10 dollars.

How much players are in the lineup in soccer?

11 football/soccer players are on the field / lineup

How much is the 1992 USA basketball starting lineup figurines worth?

Seen them anywhere between $50-75 depending on condition of box

How much are the 2010 range rovers?

Land Rover has priced that 2010 Ranger Rover lineup starting with the $79,275 HSE and $95,125 for the Supercharged model

How much is the Emmitt Smith 1991 NFL Starting Lineup?

They have a book value of $130 but if you want to sell them you should price it around $30-50. That is a fair price.

How much is a Starting Lineup Stadium Stars Nolan Ryan worth?

A Nolan Ryan Starting Lineup Stadium Stars from the 1992 is worth about $5.-$10. The Nolan Ryan Figure stands on top of the Texas Rangers Stadium Arlington Field. measures a total of about 6". Other Players from this series include Ken Griffey, Jr., Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas, Cecil Fielder, Ryne Sandberg, standing on top of their respective stadiums. All the 1992 figures sell for about the same price.

How much is a 1989 Starting Lineup Sports Superstar collection worth?

Depends on condition. Best way to see fair market value is to check eBay. My guess is not a whole lot. Very few starting lineups held their value.

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