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Q: How much is the first place purse for the men's US Open champion?
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How much does the winner of the US Open golf tournament earn?

The total purse for the tournament was $7,500,000. Graeme McDowell received $1,350,000 as champion.

Who was the first champion in US Open singles?

authur ashe

How many golfers win prizes at The Open?

The Champion Golfer of the year gets the Claret Jug and the first place prize money, second place gets the silver salver and the second place prize money and the leading amateur (who makes the cut) gets the silver medal but no prize money. The rest of the field get their allocation of the prize money, depending on how they finished. Those who missed the cut still get a share of the purse, but it's not very much.

India's first junior champion in Australian Open?

Could have been Sania Mirza?

Who was the first men's singles US Open champion on September 9 1968?

Arthur Ashe

Who was the first champion of US Open Era tennis?

I believe it was ('Ace') Arthur Ashe in 1968, which year began the 'Open Era'.

Who was the first champion in tennis?

The very first tennis champion may never be known, as the game's roots and history have made such information lost to time. Arguably, the first professional tennis champion prior to the advent of the Open Era of tennis is Spencer Gore, 1877, at Wimbledon.

How do you open the barbie fashionistas' purse?

With a small barbie key

Who was Tony who played golf in the 60's?

Tony Jacklin, 1969 Open Champion and 1970 US Open Champion.

When was Champion Standard Open NH Flat Race created?

Champion Standard Open NH Flat Race was created in 1987.

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You first have to beat the Elite Four and the Champion After that, the door should open.

What is first place money for the British open?

First prize money for the 2015 British Open is $1,805,500

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