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As of the 09-10 season, it was reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth $470 million USD. The Leafs are the most valuable team in the NHL followed by the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadians.

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Q: How much is the Toronto maple leafs worth?
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How much is Toronto maple leafs worth?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the most valuable team in the NHL valued at $521 Million US. They are ranked #1 in the NHL, followed by the New York Rangers at #2 and the Montreal Canadiens at #3.

How much are maple leafs season tickets?

Way more then worth the watch.

how much are canadian silver maple leafs sellin for?

how much are canadian silver maple leafs selling for howmuch are canadian silver maple leafs sellinf for

How much money is the maple leafs making?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently the richest team in the NHL despite there long Stanley Cup drought. They are estimated at about $500 USD and are followed by the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens.

How much are the Totronto Maple Leafs worth?

According to a 2006 Forbes report, the Leafs were valued at $332 million, the highest valued team in the NHL.

How much do box tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs cost?

The cost is around $500 to $700 usually. Prices probably vary during the playoffs.

Are the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple leafs rivals?

Yes!! Very much. I'm a Leafs fan and I'm always checking the score when they play Montreal, more than any other team.

Cynthia phaneuf related to Dion phaneuf?

She is the fourth cousin of Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman and captain Dion Phaneuf. not much of a relation but it does exist

When was the sweater invented?

the first hockey teams i the early 1900s used rugby sweaters with horizontal stripes. much like the Toronto maple leafs socks or the Detroit redwings socks but in sweater form.

How much money does the team Toronto maple leafs make?

That number this year (2010) is currently around 500 million. But it might go up and down each year. However, every single year the Maple Leafs are the highest revenue making team and the second and third are the Montreal Canadiens, and the New York Rangers. Last year the Leafs made 53% of the total NHL Revenue! ----------- The Maple Leafs did not make $500 million or 53% of the total NHL revenue. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the owners of the Leafs, made $500 million. There is a big difference as MLSE also owns the Raptors, Toronto FC, Air Canada Centre, Marlies, a popular sports bar, and 2 condominium buildings. NHL teams do not release financial numbers however we do know by admissions in the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy hearing that the Leafs earn the most revenue in the NHL.

How much is a Canadian maple leaf penny worth?

1 cent.

How much is Maple the Beanie Baby worth?

The value of Maple the Beanie Baby depends on its condition. As of 2014 this stuffed toy is worth about 5 dollars in mint condition.

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