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Less than 75 cents.

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Q: How much is the 1990 score record breaker of joe Montana worth?
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What is a 1988 oerl hershier record breaker card worth number 5?

how much is a 1988 oerl hershier record breaker card worth

How much is a Joe Montana Score 91 Card worth?

about a dollar

How much is a Walter Payton 1987 record breaker card worth?

Less than 75 cents

What is the value of a 1988 record breaker Tim Brown card is worth?

The entire four card "Record Breakers" set is only worth $4 to $5. Therefore, an individual card from the set is worth between 50 cents and $1.

What is the value of a 1988 Topps George Bell Record Breaker card number 1?

This common card is worth less than 10 cents.

What is the value of a Joe Montana 1989 number one Score football card?

It matters what year they are, I have a 1981 Joe Montana card and its worth about 230$ and its in mint condition. If its beyween 1990 and 2007 is probably worth $2.50 to $15. But if its autographed or is a memorbillia card between 2004 and 2007 depending on what brand of card it is, it would be worth prabably worth any where between $25 and $175.

How much is the George Blanda 1975 record breaker card worth?

I have seen some go for about ten dollars, but I've also seen some people ask for 400$.

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