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if you have your own gun, probably cheap

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Q: How much is it to rent a nitrogen tank at cousins paintball?
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Where can you rent a paintball gun?

Only at certain paintball fields.

Where can you rent paintball guns and gear?

Most fields will rent them but only for play at their field.

How much does it cost to rent a paintball gun with ammo and a mask at desert fox?

Probably around 60 to 70 dollars

Do paintball areanas give you a gun to play with?

Most places allow you to rent a gun.

Do paintball stadiums let you rent any protection such as vests overall?

Usually yes. Most fields will rent out a chest protector or a podpack for around $5. If you play in a remote area they may not, but my home field is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and they rent chest protectors.

Can you take your own paint ball guns to harrogate paintball centre?

Yes as well as rent

Do you have to buy a gun to play paintball?

No you dont , most places will rent you what u need at a high price.

What should you wear to play paintball if you dont have paintball gear?

You have to go to a licensed field and rent equipment. You MUST have a paintball specific mask to play. No welding helmets, riot helmets, sunglasses, air soft goggles, ski goggles, ballistic goggles, Only paintball specific masks. Other then that, many people just play in jeans and a tshirt.

How much does it cost to rent a van for a day?

How much is it to rent a van

Where can you rent cheap paintball guns for 27 people for a day?

Almost anyfieldwill have discounts for 20+ groups. It also depends what state you are in and how far you are willing to drive.

How much it would to open a paintball place?

On average to get enough bunkers is $2000-$4000. Also filling stations start at 10000 if lucky. And you need to hire staff to help run the place, as well as money for insurance and rent (or payments on ownership).

Where can one purchase a paintball shotgun?

Purchasing a paintball shotgun has become more common due to the fact that the people using them are finding it costly to continue to rent them. The pride of owning your own paintball shotgun also weights heavily on the decision of purchasing one. Once you have decided on your price range you can purchase one through several avenues. The first manner of purchasing a paintball shotgun is through any sport and outdoors store. The second being the internet which provides several websites catering to paintball enthusiast. Lastly one can look in the newspaper, craiglist, and any second hand listing for a used paintball shotgun.