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Q: How much is cotto getting paid to fight mayweather?
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How much did Cotto get paid to fight Mayweather?


How much is mayweather getting paid to fight cotto?

He's set to make bout 30 million for the mayweather fight. He has agreed to a 65/35 split with him on the lower end of that (ofcourse) so depending on what the gate and pay per view takes in will ultimately decide his take home pay.but cotto does have at least a garunteed 8million for the mayweather fight as we're mayweather has a garunteed 32 million for the fight.

How much did Miguel cotto get paid to fight Floyd Mayweather?

they each got about 32 million

How much is promoter Leonard ellerbe worth?

Mayweather offers him $1000 per fight. His salary is $42,000. It will be $43,000 on may 5th because mayweather will be fighting Cotto.

How much does Floyd Mayweather get paid for the fight with victor ortis?

mayweather get 40 million for this fight

How much is Floyd Mayweather jr getting paid for May 1 fight?

they (goldenboy/mayweather promotions) are expecting this fight to be the biggest in boxing history surpassing mayweather delahoya. In that fight Mayweather made 25million so if this fight sells more pay per view sales than that one you can expect him to make 30+ million for fighting Shane mosley.

How much does Floyd mayweather weight?

For the Moslsey fight, Mayweather weighed in at about 147 lbs.

How much did pacquiao get paid to fight cotto?

Pacquiao was paid 2.4 million dollars for his dream bout against Cotto

How much does mayweather make and a fight?

30 million

How much was cotto paid for the manny pacquiao fight?

It is stated that the fight brought him 15 million dollars.

How much does Floyd mayweather make per fight?


How much does Floyd mayweather get paid for the fight with marquez?


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