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It depends on what company issues the certificate of authenticity. If it is a Steiner Sports Marketing product it should be worth around $175 for an 8x10 or $250 for a 16x20. If you have a certificate issued by a company nobody has ever heard of the value plummets as the certificate isn't worth the paper it is printed on. No name company could be worth as little as $50.

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Q: How much is an autographed framed Ray Bourque picture worth?
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A Fitz 11x14 picture is usually worth $125-$150

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It is worth $15-20.

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What is autographed picture of ken curtis worrh

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50 cent

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$1.5 million

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Hard to tell without a picture. Try it is free. you can post a picture there and get pricing help. Good Luck!!!

What is a john Wayne autographed picture on Life magazine worth dated 1973.?


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because i have one & im wanting to sell it

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it depends on the picture and the amount that was released to the public. just like a paintings etc.

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Depends what size the photo is example 8x10 or 16x20 etc... An 8x10 is worth between $40-$60. A 16x20 is worth between $80-$120. I am assuming you meant that Roy is the only signature on the photo.

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