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Q: How much is a yellow card fine in laligapremier and serie A?
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How much you have to pay for yellow card in soccer?

The FIFA Laws of the Game don't list a fine. Each league sets its own rules for such things, so players in some professional leagues might have to pay a fine if shown a yellow card, but that would be decided by their specific league.

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How much will i have to pay for a red card fine?


How much is a yellow card fine in football?

25k Way off. It starts at £15 for a yellow card, and goes up incrementally (with add-ons, where the FA sees fit). This is universal throughout football be it Sunday league or the highest level (English football).

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What is the difference between a red an yellow card in soccer?

A Yellow card is a sin-bin offense where the player is sent to the touchline for a period of ten minutes normally. The red card is immediate sending off. The player leaves the field of play and must not stand on the touch line. There is no return to play for this person and following a red card offense this usually means a time ban period for the player concerned where they will not be allowed to play.The first shown yellow card means that the player will get 10 minutes in the "sin bin" off the field of play.The second time a yellow card is shown to the same player will force a red card to also be shown. The player must leave the field of play and may also be banned from playing in a number of matches based on the reason.For a dangerous type of play i.e. gouging, spear tackling, strainght arm tackling or stamping this is a red immediately and the player is sent off with a citing to be banned for a period of time.

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