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It depends on what match it is. Big matches can cost a lot but little matches are in the thousands.

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Q: How much is a tennis players salary?
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How much is Venus Williams' salary?

Career prize money US$21,921,346 (3rd all-time among women's tennis players)

How much is a tennis tournament director's salary?

About 20,000 a month

How much does a tennis instructor make?

The average annual salary for a tennis coach in the United States is $44,000 while the median annual salary is $40,209.

How much do tennis players make?

how much money does Federer make

How can tennis players earn so much money?

by winning

How much do tennis players get for each round at Wimbledon?

it is £55

How much money will tennis players make at Wimbledon 2011?

Too much

How are tennis players paid?

Tennis players are paid in much the same way as any athlete. They can be paid weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly as they choose.

How do tennis players get tennis elbow?

Any tennis player can get tennis elbow depending on how you hold your racquet, your follow through and how much spin you produce.

How much do tennis players get in opens?

It all depends on how far they get in the tournament.

Who are the tennis players who live in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

Are there any Australian tennis players?

Yes there are lots of Australian Tennis Players.

What is the number of tennis players?

The top number of tennis players in a game is 4.

When was Top Players' Tennis created?

Top Players' Tennis was created in 1989.

When did Top Players' Tennis happen?

Top Players' Tennis happened in 1989.

How much salary do football players make a month?

no such thing as a mothly salary. only yearly salary ranging from 100k - 20m.

Who earns more money football players or basketball players?

NBA players earn much more. The average NBA salary is 5.2 million, while NFL players' average salary is 1.75 million.

How much to basketball players make?

around the same salary as a hobo

How much is annual salary of NHL players?

It depends on the player and the franchise.

How much money do Australian soccer players earn?

truth be told, socer players are payed a salary

All cricket players salary?

hi i wood like to know how much do Scotland players get in cricket

How many tennis players are there in the world?

There are over 1000000000 tennis players in the whole world.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

How much money do tennis players make at Wimbledon?

1.5 million euros

How much to tennis players get paid for grand slam events?

$1000 i think