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I had my orange fuse 3 bent rim bad crank go for $100. I would say $200 for yours.

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Q: How much is a brown specialized fuse 3 bmx bike worth?
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Weight of a 2004 specialized fuse 2?

If it is the chromoly framed bike,complete, weight is right around 30lbs.newtest3

Is the felt fuse a good bike?

yh amazing bike for the price

Where is the 1983 suzuki gs450l fuse box?

This bike does not have a fuse box. It does have a 15 amp fuse on the positive cable form the battery.

When was Time Will Fuse Its Worth created?

Time Will Fuse Its Worth was created on 2006-10-30.

What causes the 3 amp voltage regulator fuse to blow on a 1994 ducati 916?

you have to retrace what you were doing before blowing out the 3amp fuse. Were you repairing anything on the bike? I would speculate you were replacing the regulator/rectofire with an aftermarket one? check to see if the brown wire is connected to the wrong sorce.

Need fuse box location or fuse location for headlight on 02 vtx 1800?

Rite side of bike under cover its the first 30 amp fuse

Which fuse is the radio fuse on a 1998 LX Ford Contour?

In the passenger compartment fuse panel : # 32 - 7.5 amp brown color fuse - for the radio

How does a brown dwarf compare to our sun?

The distinguishing feature is that a brown dwarf gets hot enough to fuse deuterium (hydrogen-2), but not hot enough to fuse hydrogen-1.

Where are the fuses on a 1998 suzuki maurader?

the fuse box is under the side panel on left side of bike

Where is the fuse box on a 1994 kawasaki ninja ex250f?

Try on top of the battery, I have a ninja 500r and that is where it is on my bike.

Where is the starter solenoid on the kawasaki vulcan 1500?

Under the seat of the bike just under the fuse box.

What bmx bike is the best?

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