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A Nolan Ryan single signed Baseball is worth between $100.-$200.

Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. The baseball you have if inscribed by Nolan Ryan with his New York Mets stats will have more value to a Mets fan. Not desired by most other collectors it will not add much more value. Inscriptions such as "5714" will sell for more. Personal Inscriptions like Good Luck Chuck" will sell for less. If the baseball is a stat ball with the stats printed on, again it might have more value but to a Mets fan. In a recent auction a Nolan Ryan single signed baseball sold for $191.00 See Related Links below for a single signed baseball price guide.

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Q: How much is a baseball signed by Nolan Ryan 1966-1971 Mets Victories 29 Ball Strike Outs 493 worth?
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How much is a signed Bernie Williams baseball worth?

Final Season at Yankee Stadium signed baseball- $359.99 100th Anniversary signed baseball- $359.99 Regular signed baseball in case- $329.99 Inscribed #51 snow white signed baseball- $158 4X Gold Glove Award signed baseball- $401.49 Personalized Single Selig B&E Hologram signed baseball- $127.50 1996 World Series 82 230 Psa #p72772 signed baseball- $202.61 99 All Star signed baseball- $457.99 JSA certified signed baseball- $280 Regular signed baseball- $382.92 "96 98 99 00 WSC" inscription signed baseball- $408 "96 ALCS MVP" inscription signed baseball- $379.25 Regular signed baseball- $430.32 Regular signed baseball in case- $329

What object is the best to have signed by a baseball player?

a baseball is most likely to be signed by a baseball player.

What is the value of a Roberto clemente baseball that is NOT a single signed ball?

If the baseball is "multi-signed", and not "single signed" you would have to name the other players that signed the baseball to get an approximate value.

What is the value of a Hanley Ramirez autographed baseball?

depends on what type of baseball he signed, how he signed it and also what type of pen he used and where on the baseball.

How much is an autographed baseball worth signed by Andre Ethier?

A baseball signed by Andre on Amazon, is $137.99

What is the value of a baseball signed by Luke Appling?

You can buy an Appling signed baseball with a COA for 80 dollars.

What is a signed Milt Pappas No Hit baseball worth?

how much is a signed milt pappas no hit baseball worth

What does single signed mean?

Single Signed Baseball - This term is used for baseballs that have been autographed by only one player.Multi Signed Baseball - More than one or a group of signatures on am item such as a baseball. An autographed baseball with only a few signatures of players from the same team but not enough to be considered a team signed baseball. Team Signed Baseball - or Team Baseball. A baseball autographed by the majority of the members of a particular team. For more Baseball Collectible Terms see Related Links below.

Where to sell a signed baseball?


What is the value of Maury Wills signed baseball?

I also have a Maury Wills Signed Baseball they are valued at between $25-$35.

Who were the players who signed the 1985 all-star game baseball?

Anyone, or all of the ballplayers that played in the 1985 All-Star game could have signed any given baseball. There was also more than one baseball signed, and it would be impossible to know who signed The baseball. You have to be more clear on what you are asking.

How much is a 2009 baseball signed by Yankee Hideki Matsui worth?

I'd say over about $4000 for a baseball signed by him in 2009.

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