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Q: How much is a Weaver Model K-856 scope in good condition worth?
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Related questions

What is a savage and anschutz model 164 sporter with weaver scope worth?

$475.00 if in 100% condition

How much is a Weaver Model 333 scope worth?

Hundreds of thousands of Weaver Model 333 telescopic sights from 1930 to 1947. One of these scopes in good condition is worth about 80 to 125 dollars.

What is my Winchester model 70-270 with a weaver scope and sling worth?

100-1000 USD

What is a used Remington 308 model 788 worth with a wood stock and a weaver scope in good condition?

there are 2 .243s in 788 at the local gun shop for $470 each in good shape

How much is a Mossberg model 42 C 22 rifle worth with Weaver G4 scope?


What is the value of a Hi standard model a1041?

Back in the 60s, there were 3 versions of the a1041. The standard model is worth about $100, the special $150, & the special deluxe $200. Of course it must be in excellent condition to realize those prices. More if the original Weaver 3x6 scope is included.

How much is a1968 Winchester Model 70 30-06-SPRG thas is in good condition with a 3x9 Vari-X II Leupold Scope worth?

Your rifle is worth between 450-650 dollars if is in good condition with the scope included.

What is a Remington 308 Model 788 worth?

It is not possible to give an answer without a lot more information. The condition of the rifle, that is condition of the metal (blue) and wood (stock). Whether it has a scope or not. Make of scope and type (make of ) base and rings.A Remington 308 Model 788 is worth about $400 dollars in excellent condition without out scope. Could be less or could be more depending on what I stated in the above paragraph.

What is the Model 80 Daisy Long Rifle worth it is in excellent condition?

With Scope and Canteen ( Originally came with it.) Mfg 1954-1957 is worth around $250-$300 in Excellent condition ( Like New) model 80/155 is worth $125-$150.

What is a savage 170 model a with engraved deer jumping and weaver scope worth?

Depends on who did the engraving, if its any good and if anyone will want to buy it. Engraving can lower the value of a weapon if not done well.

I have a glenfield model 10 single shot bolt action 22 with a ground hog ingraved in it weaver scope good shape serial 27487262 whats it worth old?

A Glenfield model 10 is worth $50-75, while the single shot bolt action 22 increases the value by about $100. The ingraved groundhog increases the value by about $25, also there will be up to $50 bucks added for the weaver scope being in good shape. That's a total of possibly 150$.

What is my Daisy Model 80 long rifle worth?

The daisy model 80 was made between 1954-57. It came with a scope and canteen. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value.

How much is an H and R 22 hornet model 151 worth - good to excelent condition with bushnell scope 3x8x banner model?

Somewhere around $150-$175

What is your Winchester Model 88 Lever Ser 78019 worth very good cond weaver k-4 scope 60-c extra clip?


How much is a Winchester 0.22 SSH with an engraved stock and a 4 X Weaver scope worth?


How much is a Weaver V7W scope worth?

one just sold on e-bay for $96.00

What is a winchester model 70 270wsm shadow with scope worth?

Between 350-475 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What is the estimated value of a Remington Model 552 SpeedMaster 22 with a Buchnell Scope?

If the Remington 552, 22cal. rifle is in mint condition it is worth about 500.00 bucks. It is in very good condition with a scope. My husband passed away and I was wondering how much to ask for it. Any suggestions?

What is the value of an original Wm Malcolm rifle scope?

Depending upon condition and model, and whether it comes with bases or not, it's worth at least $500.00.

How much would a Star model 110 22caliber semi automatic rifle in excellent condition with Bushnell banner scope be worth?

150 or so

Who made the revelation model 220A rifle and how much is it worth.?

It is a Mossberg 800A. Value anywhere from $200-$250, depending on condition, scope, etc.

What is the value a Weaver Banjo 5 String?

Vary according to model. All excellent instruments. In perfect playing order worth £1000. A Clifford Essex branded Weaver in fair playing condition is currently for sale on banjo for £600.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Savage Model 6A semi-automatic rifle purchased new in 1938 with a Weaver Scope C4?

The rifle itself is worth about $100.00 in operable condition and is relatively common at Gun shows. I picked up one last year and it's been a good rifle, although it does jam on occassion.

How much is a Weaver G4 rifle scope made in El Paso TX worth?

50-150 USD

How much is a glenfield 30-30 in very good condition with a scope mounted worth?

$250-$350, depending on condition and the make/ type of scope.