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How much is a Limited edition home opener 1993 Baseball worth?

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Q: How much is a Limited edition home opener 1993 baseball worth?
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What is the value of an authentic ESPN limited edition baseball worth?

About 20 dollars us

How much is a limited edition riviera 1993coin worth?

The limited edition riviera 1993 coin is worth $10.

Which is worth more Hors Commerce proof or limited edition prints?

limited edition prints

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i have the Glen Miller limited edition number rr 71o what is it worth?

What is a Willie Mays limited edition fotobase baseball worth?

t.c.g. willie mays 51what is the value

What is the value of a Babe Ruth 1989 limited edition card?

If its the #1 limited edition should be worth $40

How much is a royal rookie limited edition Alex Rodriguez baseball card worth?

less than $1

Is it worth saving limited edition 2 pound coins?

Most likely if it's limited edition, but that's my guess. I would keep it if I were you.

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What is the resale value of a limited edition model 6083 wagon trail commemorative?

How much is a marlin 22 limited edition model 6083 worth

What is a Sandy Koufax Limited Edition FOTOBALL baseball worth?

The limited edition fotoballs have a low collectors value and are more of a novelty. Limited edition does not add value if the number made is higher than the number of collectors in the market. These Fotoballs are commonly found on eBay selling for about $5. and Sandy Koufax would fit into this value as well

How much is a daisy mod 1894-1994 limited edition with box in excellent condition worth?

The limited edition 1894-1992 with the box is worth between $120 & $140. In excellent condition.

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How much would a limited edition stardust dragon be worth?

865$ anywhereIt is worth 30$

What is a one troy ounce fine silver major league baseball players limited edition Ken Griffey Jr coin worth?


Value of Limited Edition roger maris signed baseball?

A Roger Maris single signed baseball is worth about $2,000.-$5,000. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Add for inscriptions. Limited Edition is just a ploy to sell baseballs. It would only mean something if they were the only Roger Maris signed baseballs in existence. Because you mention the baseballs are Limited edition I have to question if your baseball is hand signed. You might have a limited edition stamped signature baseball. If this is the case it would be worth about $30. -$50. In a recent auction a Roger Maris single signed baseball sold at a high of $5,975.00.

How much is your mint condition limited edition creator card worth?

not much

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They sell for about £4 each.

I have a23k gold limited edition card of mewtwo what is it worth?

How much does it weigh?

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a million dollars

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I have 7 limited edition yu-gi-oh cards how much could you get for them?

Depends on what they are, exactly. Some limited edition cards are worthless, some are worth hundreds of pounds.

Will the Limited Edition resident evil 5 red Xbox 360 be worth more than the normal Xbox 360 elite?

Yes. It's limited edition, so it will be worth more than the Elite when the LE runs out.

Is a factory sealed complete set of 1988 limited edition Fleer baseball award winners logo stickers and trading cards worth anything?

Maybe $5.