How much is a Kasey Kahne 1 18th scale Sprint Car worth?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How much is a Kasey Kahne 1 18th scale Sprint Car worth?
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How much is a signed Kasey Kahne shirt worth?

Probably about $35.00. Tell me if you decide on selling it. I'd be interested in buying it. #1 Kasey Kahne fan !<3

How much is a signed Kasey Kahne hat worth?

first of all, it has to be a REAL signature from Kasey Kahne, not his siguture sewed into the hat and for a REAL signature hat or anything, it could be worth some money... it depends, you should try to find a collector of Nascar stuff and all and they might be willing to pay a lot

How much is an autographed Nascar poster by Kasey Kahne from his rookie year worth?

If your a huge fan of Kasey, you should have a sense of it's value. If your trying to sell it, it must not be worth much. For people like me someones autograph isn't worth anything, no matter who they are, and I would just probably sell it like you. If I can't physically use something and it just sits around collecting dust, it's just a practice in vanity. You need to find the right person who likes stuff like that. There's plenty of people out there who are like that. But just so you don't feel bad, I'm going to say $700.

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