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Q: How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. silver coin worth?
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What is the silver content in the Dale Earnhardt Sr. One Pound Proof coin?

90% copper and 10% nickel plated

How much is a 1956 10 pesos Mexican silver coin?

There is about 25 dollars worth of silver in this coin. That is all it is worth.

What is the value of a 1972 un peso Mexican silver coin?

2.50 is what the coin is worth. That yr. there is no silver in that coin.

What is a silver coin date 1702 worth?

What is a silver dollar from 1702 worth today

What is value of silver twenty dollar coin worth?

1848. Silver. Twenty. Dollar. Coin

How much is a duckhams Queens silver jubilee coin worth?

Duckhams oil queens silver jubilee coin how much is it worth

What is a john elway silver coin worth I have the certificate of authenticy?

what is the worth of a john elway coin

What if a coin has no letter?

If the coin is so worn that you cannot read it, it is a junk coin. It is only worth the silver weight, if it is silver.

How much is a silver 1829 ten cent coin worth?

A silver 1829 5 cent coin is worth between £30 and £80

What is a silver coin with 1825 locomotion 1 worth?

whatever 1 oz. of silver is worth

How much is a silver ten dollar coin worth from barbados?

It worth 1.1 Oz. of silver.

Value of 1986 silver eagle silver coin?

A 1986 American Silver Eagle one ounce silver coin in uncirculated condition is worth about $20, if 1986S Proof, worth about $40.

What is your 1924 liberty silver dollar worth?

A. The coin you are referring to is a PEACE dollar. This coin is 90% silver and worth its silver value, unless graded by a third party or in mint state. a standard fine condition coin is not worth anything over spot price of silver.

How much is a 5fr 1949 belgique coin worth?

How much is a 5Fr silver coin worth 1949

How much is a 1967 circulated half dollar worth?

3.10More:The value of this coin fluctuates based on the price of silver as 40% of this coin is composed of Silver. If the coin is circulated, it is pretty much worth it's weight in silver. As of 09/2010, the price of silver and of this coin is $3.22.

How much is 30 silver dimes worth?

Each coin is worth about $2.00 to $2.25 just for the silver.

How much is a 1967 50 cents silver coin worth?

It's currently worth about $2.50 for the silver.

How much is a bundesrepublik deutschland 1949 1969 coin worth?

How much is a 1949 1969 bumdus republic silver coin

How much does a roman silver coin worth?


How much is a kamehameha silver coin worth?

About $40

What is a Madero Silver 500 coin worth?


Are the Hamilton Collection Dale Earnhardt Sr one troy pound silver proof coins with The Intimidator on the back and Dale's image and car on the front made of 999 silver or are they silver plated?

I have asked dozens of people. The first answer is no. They are not .999 silver or they would have been marked as such on the coin. Next, what is the silver content? I have asked coin dealers. I have receivd answers from 65% to 90% silver. That makes the worst case scenario for melting the coins to be 65% of current silver prices. $29.00 per ounce or calculated to $18.80 per oz. for 65%. The troy pound contains 12 ounces not 16. That makes the melted value of these coins at just over $100 each. That is the worst case. You can buy them on Ebay for under $100. Buy several to melt down or to save for future Nascar fans that want to commemerate Dale Earnhardt.

HOW MUCH is a one pound silver dollar coin worth?

First weigh the coin! Then look up value of silver... They only worth scrap value!

How much is a .999 fine silver Liberty coin worth?

As of 16 August 2017, silver is worth $17.14/ounce. Weigh your coin and do the math, and you'll have your answer.

Is a 1951 sterling silver dime worth anything?

Pre-1965 U.S. dimes are made of coin silver (900 fine), not sterling silver. In any case your coin is worth about $1 for its silver content.