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Q: How much is a Bart Starr card1993 worth?
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How much is 1 gram of 22 karat gold worth?

$19,000 bart.

How much is a Black Bart Reno 49 slot machine worth?

3500 to 4500 bucks.

How much is a autographed Bart Starr card worth?

I think you may have included a bad year (1982). He was a member of the Packers from 1956-1971. If it truly is a 1982 ball, he may have signed it at "Bart Starr" day, but if it's not an actual game ball from his era, the value will be lower. Bart Starr was the coach that year.

How much is a Ringo Starr autograph worth?

Hard to tell. I'd wait until he kicks the bucket and the price will probaly go up.

How much money has Ringo Starr got?

Ringo Starr had over 61 million dollars

How much does NFL player Tyler Starr weigh?

NFL player Tyler Starr weighs 250 pounds.

Who is more famous Bart Simpson or One Direction?

Bart Simpson. hes been around much longer and known my more people.

How much does Antony Starr weight for banshee?

150 to 155 pounds

How do you use happier in a sentence?

Bart was much happier when his missing dog was found.

Why was pete best replaced by Ringo Starr?

Ringo Starr did not play bass guitar. Stuart Sutcliffe did not play drums. Sutcliffe was long gone (and had died) before Starr ever joined the Beatles.

Who is more famous Bart Simpson or Ronald McDonald?

Well Ronald McDonald has been around much longer than the Bart Simpson, so on the basis of age Ronald McDonald is more famous that Bart Simpson. Ronald McDonald and the restaurant chain McDonalds is also world famous.

Did Ringo Starr's wife die?

No, Barbara Bach is very much alive and is now 63 years old.