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How much is a gold foiled 22kt Ken Griffey card worth

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Q: How much is a 22 karat gold ken griffey junior card worth?
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How much is a 1991 arena holograms Ken Griffey Junior card worth?

A 1991 Arena Hologram Ken Griffey Junior card can be worth anywhere from $60.00 or much more. The specific value of the card will be determined by the condition of the card.

How much is a ken griffey junior baseball card worth?


What is a Ken Griffey Jr 24 karat gold signature card worth?

1500 dollars if its real

How much is a 1990 post ken griffey junior card worth?

five pouches of big league chew and a slap bracelet.

How much ken griffey rookie card worth?

As much as someone is willing to pay for it

How much is ken griffey jr flair 1993 worth?

The worth of a 1993 Ken Griffey Jr. Flair card depends on its condition. This card in mint condition is worth between 25.00 and 27.00 as of 2014.

What is the following card worth ...michael-jordan-card-23-karat-gold-rookie-signature?

The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.

What is the value of a 1989 Ken griffey junior classic travel orange baseball card?


How much is a 1990 ken griffey jr card worth?


What is a ken griffey 1987 donruss card worth?

24 dollars

What is the value of a 1996 23 Karat Gold Bleachers Nolan Ryan Baseball Card worth?


Is a Ken Griffey junior all star game 2001 upper deck card actually signed by him?


How much is a Jackie Robinson 22 karat gold 50th annversary baseball card worth?

How much is a Jackie Robinson 22 karat gold 50th annversary baseball card worth?

How much 1992 ken griffey jr fleer card worth?


How much would a ken griffey braves card number 141 be worth?


How much is a 1989 topps porcelain card ken griffey jr worth?


How much is your tops 1990 ken griffey srwith a blank face is worth?

A person's Topps 1990 Ken Griffey card with a blank face can vary in value. This will depend on the condition of the card and whether or not the card has been counterfeited.

1998 23 karat gold Sammy Sosa baseball card worth?

a 23 k gold sosa card is worth about $37

How much is a 23 karat gold plated trading card worth?

23 karat gold plated Pokémon trading cards were available through a Burger King Promotion. A single card is worth between $5 to $10.

How much is a Ken Griffey Jr baseball card worth?

There are several types and brands of Ken Griffey baseball cards. The prices will vary depending on the year and also the condition. A 1989 Upper Deck card in good condition is worth an estimated $99.95.

How much does a 2006 23 karat gold Pokemon card worth?

A lot.(^-^)

How much is a 24 karat gold babe Ruth baseball card worth?

100 k

How much is a regular ken Griffey jr card worth?

I got a Ken griffdy jr

How much is a Ken Griffey Jr. high school baseball card worth?

about 7 bucks

What is the value of Ken Griffey Jr 1994 Fleer Ultra card?

This card is worth 0.50 cents in new mint condition