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ow much is a Nolan Ryan 23 KARAT GOLD CHAMPION CARD WORTH

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Q: What is the value of a 1996 23 Karat Gold Bleachers Nolan Ryan Baseball Card worth?
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Value of 1993 gold nolan Ryan?

More specifically... Bleachers #34 gold card marked *prototype*

What is the value of a 1995 Nolan Ryan 23kt gold baseball card with 5714 ks?

The 1995 Bleachers Nolan Ryan 5,714 All-Time Strike Out King card is worth about $5.-$10. in near/mint condition with the box it came with.

What is the value of a Damon Stoudamire 1995-96 rookie of the year basketball card 0731 of 4996 made by Bleachers card corperation 23 karat gold?


What is the value of 1989 score Nolan Ryan baseball card?


What is the value of a 22 karat babe Ruth baseball card?

3.5 million

What is the value of 24K gold plated baseball card of Nolan Ryan?

23.56 exactly. And just who is Nolan Ryan?

What is the value of a 22 karat gold Lou Gehrig baseball card?

Serial # 031621

What is the value of bleachers 23 gold carat baseball card and picture 15 of 536 plaque?

Ted Williams cards

How much is a 1988 nolan Ryan baseball card worth?

The value of a Nolan Ryan baseball card is dependent on several factors. These include the year of the card, the maker of the card, and its condition.

What is the value of a nolan Ryan fotoball 1999?

You ask a tough question. Since Nolan Ryan was a baseball player, not a football player, I doubt that he had a signed football . . .

What is the value of a Baseball Heroes Nolan Ryan card 10 of 18?

Less than 50 cents.

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