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1961- 1963 White base, baseball series

The 1961- 1963 White base, Baseball series Bobbing Head doll was the first comprehensive series of Major League Baseball bobbing heads. They originally sold for $1.00 each! It included examples from 20 different franchises with several significant variations.

There are two Dodgers Variations. The Los Angeles Dodgers 1961- 1963 White base bobble head (embossed chest) "boy face" doll is worth about $150. - $175. In near/mint-mint condition. The Los Angeles Dodgers 1961- 1963 White base bobble head (Decal on chest) "boy face" doll is worth about $175. - $200. In near/mint-mint condition. Condition is important. Common Flaws include chips, cracks, worn decal, and paint wear.

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Q: How much is a 1960's Los Angeles Dodgers bobblehead worth?
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