How much is Wayne Rooney new contract?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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a lot of money. but not as much as i ear, which is 10000000000000000000 dollars a second. yeah beat that. im only joking, 97 million is the new contract price.

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Q: How much is Wayne Rooney new contract?
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How much is Rooney's weekly pay in his new contract?

22222004444.97p lol

What is Wayne Rooney weekly pay in Manchester united?

£200,000 a week he signed a new contract with sir Alex Ferguson in October 2010

How much Wayne Rooney earn in a week?

Rooney new weekly salary is 250,000 pounds a week, the old one was 90.000 pounds a week.

Who is the current highest paid footballer in English premier league?

It is now Wayne Rooney with £250,000 a week

Is John Rooney's brother Wayne Rooney?

Yes, John Rooney's brother is Wayne Rooney. Wayne plays as a striker in the Premier League in England, He is currently playing in Manchester United FC, Wearing the number 10 shirt for MUFC. :) (2012)

Is Wayne Rooney competitive?

Wayne Rooney is extremely competitive! In his new book he says that he hates losing, whether it's an EPL game, a practice match or even on FIFA he cracks it

Who does Wayne Rooney brother play for John Rooney?

new york cosmos signed in the summer he used to play for macc town

Did Wayne Gretzky have brothers or sisters?

Wayne Rooney does not have any sister but he has two brothers called John Rooney and Graeme Rooney, John Rooney currently plays for New York Red Bulls in the MLS (America) (USA). :) (2012)

Who is Wayne Rooney's brother and sister?

He has two brothers named Graeme and John Rooney. John is also a footballer who plays for the New York Red Bulls.

How much does Wayne Rooney earn per year?

about £120,000 a week

Is Wayne Rooney's religion catholic?

No, King Henry the VIII was not allowed to get a divorce from Ann Boleyn within the Catholic church so he used his power and influence to abolish the Catholic church in England and create a new English Christian denomination called the English church. Wayne Rooney lives in England.

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