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Around £180k per week

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2012-11-26 22:32:47
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Q: How much is Robin Van Persies weekly salary at Manchester united?
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How much is Nani weekly salary at Manchester united in 2010?

£25,000 every month.

List Manchester united players and their weekly salary?

its up to about £130,000 per week

Who hates Wayne Rooney?

Manchester United fans gave him death threats , when he tried the trick of leaving the club to get a high weekly salary.

Who is the current highest paid player in epl?

The highest player in the E.p.L is Wayne Rooney, who plays for Manchester United, he is paid weekly salary of 250,000 pounds.

How much adebayor get as weekly salary?

He may now get 80, 000 pounds at a week at Manchester City.

What are wages paid by top four football clubs in premier league?

Both Manchester United and Chelsea pay very high weekly salaries even Liverpool have high salaries for Gerrard, maschareno . But Arsenal have a control on the weekly salary.

How much did real Madrid sign ronaldo for?

Real Madrid signed Ronaldo from Manchester United for 80 million pounds in 2009.His weekly salary is 200, 000 pounds, so it is reported.

Michael Owen current weekly salary at Newcastle United?

120.000 pounds

What does Wayne Rooney get paid for 2010 playing for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney has got a raise in his weekly salary , he has become the highest paid footballer in the world he now gets 250,000 pounds a week.

What is the weekly salary for a aircraft mechanic?

The monthly salary is $51000.The weekly salary is $12750.

Who is the highest weekly paid player in Europe?

its is Cristiano ronlado who plays for Manchester united and portgual!!!!

How is Nani weekly salary at united?

Nani is paid up to £12,560 as his weekly salary and he is a goo player that's why he is payed less than his squad but still gives a great offer of entertainment.

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