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not much

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Q: How much is Manchester united v Barcelona sports film cell worth?
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Which sports team is worth the most money?

Manchester United

How much is barcalona football club worth?

How much it is worth can be found as Barcelona is the third richest club in the world, after Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Most expensive soccer club?

Real Madrid in Spain. Barcelona in Spain. Manchester United in England. Chelsea FC in England. AC Milan in Italy. Internazionale (Inter Milan) in Italy. Manchester United is the most valuable sports team on earth, worth around 3.5 billion.

What is the worlds most expensive sports team?

Manchester United FC est. worth over $1.8 billion dollars.

Which is the richest sports organisation in the world?

the most richest sport team is manchester united in the premier league. It is worth 1.86 billion dollars.

How much price of Manchester United team?

Manchester United FC as a whole is estimated to be worth approx. $1.87 Billion.

What is the net worth of Manchester United?


How much is Manchester United Fc Worth?

about £2

Is Barcelona the most valuable team in the world?

No. Manchester United are. Worth $1.8billion dollars Yes. On various estimations Barcelona's 3 forwards, messi, eto'o and Henry are worth 150Millions euros, their 3 midfielders, xavi, iniesta and keita/toure, are worth 120Million euros and their defense in an ageing one but Dani Alves alone is 40Million euros with the other 3 around 40Million altogether, and their keeper around 15Million euros. This is probably the answer you wanted and subs probably 60M. Barcelona as a team are worth approximately 425Million euros. Thats the net worth of barcelona and the net worth of real madrid should be around 900 million to 1 billion.

What is Manchester united's net worth?

1.87 billion pound.

Which worldwide sports franchise is worth the most money?

Manchester Unted at 1.6 bill

What is a 1996 signed Manchester united ball worth?

about £400 - £600

How much is man united worth?

Manchester Untied's players are probably worth about 250 million pounds.

How much is Manchester United worth?

Manchester United is currently valued at $1.453 million, with the revenue of $310 million and operating income of $92 million 42ne.

How much is Manchester United worth in pounds?

pounds do you mean pence YIDDO

Which is the largest sports club in terms of total sales volume including tickets sponsorship merchandise and licensing?

Manchester United in English Soccer who Forbes say are worth $1.8 billion - Followed by the New England Patriots of American Footall worth $1.6 billion.

Who is the richest sport club?

Football Club Manchester United, worth $1.2billion dollars

How much is a 1977-78 Manchester United Official medal worth?

£10.00 on ebay

How much is an Manchester united 1999 fa cup final programme worth?

it is worth about £30 if you sell it on ebay. it is worth about £30 if you sell it on ebay.

What is the best soccer game that is going to be this year?

The best games would be Barcelona vs. AC Milan, Real Madrid vs. Manchester United and Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich. They are Champions League draws for the last 16. Of course, there would be local game like El Clasico, Manchester derby, Milan derby, etc. that would be also worth a watch.

How much was Christiano Ronaldo first contract with Manchester united worth?

£20,000 per week

How much is a framed Manchester united shirt signed by Ryan giggs and george best worth?

As both Ryan Giggs and George Best , were long serving and talented players at Manchester United it will cost a great deal.

What are some interesting questions about soccer?

Given the fact that Manchester city has new owners that are worth more than the entire united states, and the recent transfer of robinho to Manchester city. Will Manchester city ever be able to lure world class stars to its club and will they ever be as good as Manchester united. I think not but it is up for debate

How much is an Manchester united 1999 champions league final program worth?

Max £25 on

How much is a Manchester united jersey worth?

It depends on the year, the player, if it is signed or not, limited edition, etc