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500 hundred dollars

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โˆ™ 2008-10-21 20:42:02
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Q: How much is Magic Johnson signed basketball worth?
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How much is a Magic32 basketball signed by Magic Johnson worth?

newtest3 $150,000

What is the value of a magic Johnson signed basketball?

Its worth about 1,000,000 it depends on the condition of ball and if the ball is a nba certified or not nba certified ball signed will be worth more

How much is an authenticated Upper Deck basketball worth that was signed by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in Barcelona in 1996?


How much is 1999 final four autographed basketball worth signed by magic Johnson?

1000 dollars because he's in the hall of fame, but would be worth more in time.

Magic Johnson basketball card value?

Many of the cards are valued at a price close to $20 each. If the card is signed, it will be worth much more.

How much is a 2001 - 2003 Orlando Magic Signed basketball worth?

it is worth 1 dollar

How much is a basketball worth that is autographed by Magic Johnson?

around 250- 400

How much is a Magic Johnson basketball card worth?

1983-84 Lakers BASF Earvin Magic Johnson graded PSA 9 MINT ... 5 x ... Is worth $20.00+!

How much is basketball worth signed by magic and m Jordan?

700-900 dollars

What is the value of the magic Johnson 1988 fleer basketball card worth?

about thirty cents.

How much is a Larry bird 91-92 fleer basketball card worth?

How much is magic johnson 91-92 fleer basketball card worth

What are 1992 USA olympic basketball dream team lineup figurines worth?

Michael Jordan's is worth $0.99, Charles Barkley $0.21, Magic Johnson $0.89.

How much is a magic Johnson signed Michigan state jersey worth?

the jersey by estimte would be worth roughly between 400-1000 dollars depending on codition

How much is magic Johnson worth?

Magic Johnson has a net worth of $900! actually i heard on sc the other day, $2.41 mil

Magic Johnsons net worth?

Magic Johnson's net worth is $500 million.

How much is a 1996 signed by tubby smith championship basketball worth?

whats it worth a 1996 championship U.K. basketball signed by Tubby Smith

What is Magic Johnson's net worth 2009?

It's $800 million

How much is a basketball signed by the 2005 University of Illinois basketball team worth?

It is worth 100 dollars

How much is a lakers t-shirt signed by magic Johnson worth?

400-1000 dollars us because a autographed Kobe ball is 400-900

What is the value of a Mike Bibby signed basketball?

A Mike Bibby signed basketball could be worth upwards of $600. That is very valuable and if signed by him during his Sacramento Kings era, than worth even more.

What is magic Johnson's worth?

AIDS is priceless

How much ia a signed Michael Jordan's North Carolina basketball worth?

How much is a signed Micheal jordan Senior year at North Carolina basketball card worth?

How much is a 1988 Los Angeles Lakers world champion hat signed by magic Johnson worth?

At least 100 bucks maybe 50 if your lucky 200!

What is a signed Kobe basketball worth?

Roughly $227.75

What is a Kobe Bryant signed basketball worth?