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Q: Did magic Johnson sister play college ball?
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What was difficult to magic Johnson?

bringing the ball up on presure

How much is a magic johnson basket ball card worth?


What College did Larry Johnson go to?

Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs played college ball at Penn State.

Why do people call Earvin Johnson Magic Johnson?

People thought the way he was so naturally good at b-ball was just simply magic, so they called him magic johnson. People are obiously stupid because this answer is jank\phoney and he

What made magic Johnson famous?

Basket ball play made Magic Johnson famous. He has played as point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How old is Magic Johnson's oldest son?

he 30 years old and suck at b-ball

Who are the most famous basket ball players?

Micheal Jordan and magic Johnson are famous basketball players

What is the value of a magic Johnson signed basketball?

Its worth about 1,000,000 it depends on the condition of ball and if the ball is a nba certified or not nba certified ball signed will be worth more

Why is magic Johnson called magic?

The night before any major game the Lakers had Earvin Johnson would help put the team's minds at ease by performing a magic show. This was a good way to calm everyones nerves and the name then just stuck with him. He also formally changed his name to Magic Johnson.That, or it was his passing, dribbling skills, and ball-handling technique that won him the nickname "Magic."Read more at magic-johnson

Who was given the nickname magic?

magic johnson, an nba ball player who made the all star game many times. He retired from the nba several years after contracting AIDS.

What is magic Johnson's family like?

they were good blokes, many of them were big b-ball fans and they owned there very own basketball stadium where magic would practise everyday.

When did the magic 8 ball come out?

What year did the magic 8 ball come out?

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