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Q: How much in was an a-reserve ticket to the final of weightlifting Beijing?
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Who is the tenant of Beijing National Stadium?

The tenant of Beijing National Stadium is 2008 Olympic men's football tournament final.

What is the price of 2014 All Ireland Hurling ticket?

For the final, a stand ticket was €80. A terrace ticket was €40. The final went to a replay and ticket prices were reduced. A stand ticket was €50. A terrace ticket was €25.

Who won the mens running 100m final at the 2008 Olympics?

Usain Bolt won the 100m final at Beijing

What events will Iraq participate in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Iraq is expected to send two athletes to Beijing. Five others lost their chance to go when the final date to select competitors for archery, judo, rowing and weightlifting passed last week. Dana Hussein, a sprinter, and Haider Nasir, a discus thrower, will compete in Beijing because track-and-field events have a later registration.

Bsc final year hall tickets series?

Bsc final year hall ticket no.

What is Australia's final medal tally at the Beijing Olympics?

Australia's final tally: 14 gold 15 silver 17 bronze 46 total

How fast did bolt run his first 50 meters in the 100 meter final in Beijing?

5.665 seconds

How much is unused 1966 world cup final ticket in pristine condition worth?

The 1966 World Cup final was held in England and featured England and Uraguay as the finalists. An unused final ticket in pristine condition is worth about £10 to £20.

How can you know ba final year hall ticket number?

I Have typed BA Hall Ticket so i Know I Have typed BA Hall Ticket so i Know

Download B com final year hall ticket?

not yet

Who won the silver medal for men soccer in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Nigeria won the silver medal in the men soccer tournament in Beijing after losing to Argentina in the final with a 1-0 score.

How many hours before can cancel train ticket?

Even you missed your train, you can cancel the ticket. But you will get a little amount like about 30% of your train ticket fare. Generally If you cancel your ticket before preparation of final chart you will be charge a little cancellation charge, so Its better to cancel ticket before preparation of final chart to get more amount back.Source -