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he has about 52 gold medals

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Q: How much gold medals does Michael Phelps have?
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How much does Michael Phelps practice every day?

Michael Phelps trains twice a day with one day off. Michael Phelps has won a total of 22 Olympic medals.

How much gold did Michael Phelps win?

altogether 8 golds

How much money did Michael Phelps win for his gold medals?

10000 million but because of tax it became 100million the rich doochbag lol joking hes awesome

How much gold medals did Michael Jordan get?

not enough to retire

How much does Michael Phelps get paid?

No official amount he wins money and gets sponsored i know that at the 2008 Olympics he will get 1 Million from Speedo if he wins 7 gold medals

What American athlete has won the most medals?

Michael Phelps has the most Olympic Golds (all time), world championship medals, and much more.

Why was Michael Phelps talked about so much?

He beat Mark Spitz record in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, with 7 world records and 8 gold medals in a single olympics... something to be praised about

How much did Michael Phillips got for 6 gold medals?

300 bucks

What can you say about michael phelps?

Micheal Phelps is a great man who won 8 olympic gold medals! He is so amazing because he sacrificed so much to win and it paid off!! In one of his races, he won by one-hundreth of a second!! I was so glad!

How much money does Micheal Phelps earn?

If he wins the eight (8) gold medals, he gets a $1 million bonus from his sponsers.

Who has 8 golds from the US for swimming?

Michael Phelps has 23 in total, 8 is how much he won in a single Olympics.

How much does Michael Phelps weigh?

Michael Phelps weights 195 lbs or 89kg or 14 stone.

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