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Its on espn. People that are veiwing it on espn already pay espn for the service so commercials are priced similar to noramal commercials

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Q: How much for a Commercial cost for BCS game?
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How much do commercials cost during the BCS Championship Bowl game?

A 30-second commercial costs about $1 million.

What is the cost for a tv commercial during the BCS Championship game?

One million per minute

What is song on Oregon ducks BCS ESPN game commercial?

Welcome Home by Radical Face

How much money is paid to each team in the Bcs championship game?


1996 BCS championship game?

The BCS began in 1998

What are the release dates for BCS Championship - 2012 BCS Championship Game 1-5?

BCS Championship - 2012 BCS Championship Game 1-5 was released on: USA: January 2012

How much money does a college receive for winning a BCS game?

None!!! It goes to the conference.

What is the BCS national championship game called on ncaa football 12?

"The BCS National Championship Game, presented by Allstate."

How is the home team determined for the BCS Championship Game?

The team with the highest ranking in the final BCS poll before the game

What was the venue of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game?

The venue of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game was Pasadena, California.

Who won the BCS national championship game in 1995?

The first BCS Championship game was played in 1998. The winner of this game was Tennessee from the Southeastern Conference. Nebraska won the championship in 1995, before the inception of the BCS.

What does the BCS stand for in the BCS national championship game?

It stands for Bowl championship series.

What is the highest college bowl game?

The BCS National Championship game which is the last bowl game of the year.It pits the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the BCS poll.

Will Oregon win the BCS Championship?

They have to make it to the BCS championship game first. They have a game with Arizona on 11/26 and a game with rival Oregon State on 12/3. If they win both of those games, they will get to play against Auburn or Boise State or TCU in the BCS Championship game.

Has there ever been a shared bcs national champion?

No, the BCS is decided by a single game, the winner is the champion. However, there has been a shared National Championship since the BCS began. LSU won the BCS national title game in 2003, but the AP granted the National Championship to USC.

Which college has the most BCS bowl game losses?

ND with 11 losses in BCS bowl games

What are the requirements to play in the BCS championship game?

to be ranked no. 1 or 2 in the BCS standings at the end of the season.

Who won the first ever BCS National Championship Game in 1998?

In 1998 the BCS National Championship game was legendary and magnificent. There was no set winner in this game because of miscalculations in the scores and misbehavior in the players.

Is the BCS championship game also a bowl game?

Yes, it is considered a bowl game.

Is the Rose Bowl a BCS game?


What channel is BCS championship game?


How many people watch the BCS championship?

Nielsen estimates that 21.6 million viewers watched the BCS championship game between Ohio State and LSU. Last year's BCS Championship game between Florida and Ohio State was viewed by 28.6 million.

What is the BCS championship game?

The BCS championship game is the Bowl Championship Series which creates five of the bowl match-ups, including ten of the top ranked teams in the United States.

When did the BCS start?

The BCS came into picture in the 1998 season. The first BCS championship game was held in January of 1999 between Tennessee and Florida State. Tennessee won 23-16 to become the first BCS National Champions.

What are the 4 main Bowl games?

Presently the four BCS bowls are the Rose, the Sugar, the Fiesta and the Orange Bowls. The BCS National Championship game is sometimes played at the same site as one of the four BCS bowls, but this is a separate game played one week later.