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Not a lot really.

Let's say you're doing 9 MPH, which should be real easy if you're staying on a decent road. That'll mean that you're done in 20 minutes, tops. And at that level of effort, you're maybeable to use up 450 cals/hour, which would put your burn at 150 calories or something like that.

It's about 1/3 of a cupcake's worth of calories.

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Q: How much fat can you burn riding a bike for 3 miles?
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Does riding a bike help flatted stomach?

Riding a bike is good for your cardio and will give you great legs. It may help you gain a flat stomach as well depending on how long you ride and how fast.

How many calories do you burn riding a bike 40 minutes?

Depends on how hard you ride. If you're only pootling around - not many. If you're getting sweaty and winded, as much as 400.

How many calories does riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes burn?

The degree of resistence will determine how much. You would have to account for your weight, the weight of the bike, the surface you're riding on, the material, density and texture of the tires you're riding on, the angle of the surface you're riding on...It's subjective, so has no one right answer.

How much air does a mountain bike need?

about 50-60 psi for uphill riding

How is chemistry related to riding a bike?

Chemistry has been involved in the production of pretty much every part of the bike. All from the paint to refining the metals the bike is made of.

Why are you much more likely to crash when riding a bike on a icy day?

Ice is slippery, right?

Riding your bike on grass can do what to the grass?

I don't think it will do much except flatten the grass and kill it.

What leg muscles are used when riding a bike?

Pretty much all of them.

How much miles a bike can cover in 1 2 mile?

A bike can travel the full 12 miles depending on the endurance of the rider.

How much is 1 mile in a a bike?

67 miles

How much CO2 can you save if you ride a bike?

Depends entirely on how much riding the person does, and what the person would have done otherwise. If the person is riding a bicylce instread of using an motorized vehicle, then some CO2 will be saved. If the person is riding instead of walking, then there's no difference.

How much CO2 does a bike produce every mile?

A bike produces no direct CO2 emissions while being ridden, as it is powered by human effort. However, the production and transportation of the bike may contribute to CO2 emissions depending on the manufacturing process and materials used.