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2000 trillion

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Q: How much dos a professional NBA player make?
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How much does a NBA player make?

the average nba player make 25,000,000 for a 5 year contract

What is the average salary of an NBA player?

Too Much... in comparison to other professional sports.

How much does an NBA player make?

Depends on your contract.

How much does a rookie nba player make?

10 cent

How much does a NBA player make a year?

ask them yaar

How much to play NBA basketball?

The average professional basketball player makes a salary of 1.1 million dollars per year. The average NBA player makes 4.2 million dollars per year. Most NBA rookies make about $750,000 per year. Also, a well liked and highly skilled NBA player can make up to 10 million dollars per year.

How much nba player make a year?

Depends on their salary cap

How much does an NBA player make a month on average?

matters how good they are

How much does a Top NBA player make per game?


How much does an average NBA player make a year?

ask them yaar

Who is rajonn rondo?

he is a professional nba player for the Boston celtics

Who is an NBA player?

An NBA player is a professional basketball player. Some examples of NBA players include Lebron James, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

How much money does a professional basketball player make?

The current average NBA salary of $6.2 million for this season is tops across all sports.The minimum NBA player rookie salary for the 2017-2018 season is $815,615 for the year.The highest NBA player salary for the 2017-2018 season is Steph Currry at $34,682,550 for the year.Players playing in Europe typically make less than those on NBA rosters.

How much does Dwyane Wade make each year?

Dwayne Wade is a professional basketball player in the NBA who plays for the Miami Heat. His salary is $15,779,912 per year (approximately)

How much does an NBA player make per playoff game?

5 million

How much can a NBA player make a year?

About 2-5 million dollars

How does a person become a professional basketball player?

Someone becomes a professional basketball player when they are drafted into the NBA from either High School(rare) or College(common). u enter the nba draft

How much does tim duncan make a year?

Timothy Theodore 'Tim' Duncan is a professional NBA player of San Antonio Spurs. As of 2014, his annual salary is 10.36 million USD .

What does it take to make a professional nba team?

you need to be black

What is a NBA caliber player?

If someone is referred to as an NBA caliber player, is simply means they have the talent and skills to compete at the highest level of professional basketball. The NBA was founded in 1946.

How much does a nba guard make a year?

every player gets paid differently

How much money does NBA players make in a year?

It depends on who the player is and what team he plays for.

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

How much does a basketball player make?

The average salary of an NBA player is about 7 million dollars per year.

Who is Lebron James?

Lebron is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.