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shilingi bilioni mbili na zaidi za kibongo

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Q: How much does the most expensive soccer ball in the world cost?
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What is the cost of a regulation soccer ball?

I would say about $5 but there are expensive soccer balls for over $150! You can get good soccer balls for $17. The expensive ones are usually a rip off.

How much does does it cost a 2002 fifa world soccer ball?

2500 Naira.

What does a soccer ball usually cost?


How much does a soccer ball cost?

about 20

Does a basketball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

Yes but it's only in America . Soccer Is international it's all over the world . Because you don't need any place to play . You can play any where even on the street . Basket ball you need a place to play and it cost money to buy the board ring net and ball . Basket ball is more expensive than soccer . And soccer is more know and international than basket

How much does it cost to make a soccer ball?

Soccer balls can cost between $9 and $150, with most of them being about $20. It is reported that the average cost to make a soccer ball is around $1.00.

How much does a regular soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much does an soccer ball cost?

Around 25.00 (US)

12 soccer balls cost $3000. What is the cost of one soccer ball?

it would cost $250 you divide 3000 by 12 and if you want to check to make sure its correct just multiply 250 and 12

What is the cost of a Jabulani soccer ball?

A Jabulani cost 140 American Dollars online.

How much does a soccer ball cost if signed by the 1982 Italian national team that won the world cup?

it is up to 200 $!

How much does a soccer ball cost in America?

the prize varies depending upon the quality of the ball . you can get a soccer ball for as low as 10 $ while it can go upto 100 $

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