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Q: How much does the average player in the conference national league in the UK get paid?
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Who has the highest batting average in the national league in 2010?

Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies won the 2010 National League batting title with a .336 average. It was the seventh time since 1993 that a Rockies player claimed the title.

What National League player has the most world championships?

Yogiberra is the national league player who has most world championships.

What player for the yankees' player won the national league batting championship in the 2005 season?

No Yankees player has ever won the National League batting championship as the Yankees play in the American League.

How much does a Professional Softball player make a year?

The average salary of a player in the National Pro Fastpitch league (NPF) is between $7,500 and $15,000 per summer.

Was Brad Pitt a national football league player?


What player has played in the most postseason games played in the national league?

Chipper Jones has the most career postseason games played for a National League player with 92.

Who is the best National Football League player?

tom brady

Who was baseball's most valuable player for the national league in 1998 for the American League?

Sammy Sosa

Who was the only Mets player to win National League Player of the Month honors in 2007?

That was Jose Reyes in April. John Maine was selected National League Pitcher of the Month in April, also.

Who was the first black player in the National Hockey League?

Willie O'Ree

What player has hit the most grand slams in the national league?


What was the average salary of a Major League Baseball player in 1969?

According to numbers published by the Major League Baseball Players Association, the average player salary in 1969 was $24,909. The league minimum that season was $10,000.