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It goes far but now it 2011 and he is gettin up in the age an he is not doin to hot this year the thing now is Wade and James

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Q: How much does the Kobe Bryant shoes cost?
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How much does nike pay Kobe Bryant?

Nike pays Kobe Bryant $8 million dollars each year. Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player that plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

How much would it cost to having Kobe Bryant at your party?

45,000 per hour

How Much Is Kobe Bryant's Height?

Los Angeles Lakers basketball star, Kobe Bryant, is approximately 6'6'' (1.98m).

How much does Kobe Bryant way?


How much does Kobe Bryant make?


How much money has Kobe Bryant gotten from playin basketball including 2011 season?

Kobe bean Bryant has gotten 434.50

How much is a Kobe Bryant college card?

He did not go.

Is Kobe running shoes worth it and how much does this cost now?

In my opinion no. These shoes are just a little more stylish. If you were looking for running shoes I would personally recommend a company like Adidas. They are stylish, comfortable, and aren't as expensive as Kobe shoes.

How much money is Kobe Bryant on?

Kobe Bryant's salary last year was 25 million, in a few years it will be around 30 million dollars.

How much body fat does Kobe Bryant have?


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How much is a Kobe Bryant car worth?

80,000 dollars