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130,000 pounds per week, together with German captain Micheal Ballack.

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Q: How much does shevchenko the Chelsea player earn a week?
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How much does Salomon Kalou the Chelsea player earn in a week?

52,000GBP/ week

How much is the Chelsea FC player payroll?

Player payrolls differ. As such, different players earn different amounts. The highest paid player is captain John Terry, with 135,000 pounds per week. Andriy Shevchenko comes in second with Micheal Ballack, with 130,000 pounds per week.

How much does didier yves drogba the Chelsea player earn in a week?

98000 pounds a week.

How much do Chelsea players earn a week?


What is the most popular last name in Ukraine?

The most popular is definitely Shevchenko (not as much because of soccer player Andriy Shevchenko but ukrainian hero-poet Taras Shevchenko) The most statisticaly common last name is Nazarenko

Where is Andrea shevchenko plays right now?

He's on loan at AC Milan from Chelsea, though he isn't playing much and expects to leave at the end of the season

How much money Chelsea earn from winning champions league?

80Million pounds.

How much do Chelsea fc make?

i have an idea of what they earn since i was born there. they earn about 50 000 pounds a year (per player it's a lot of money isn't it!) they also have a chant if you want it it's blue is the colour Chelsea is our name were're all together and winning is our aim so cheer us on through the sun and rain cause' Chelsea, Chelsea is our name!

How much does Micheal essien earn in a week in Chelsea?

he earns 90000 pounds a week

How much does mikel obi of Chelsea earn weekly?

it is said to be 40,000 but that's not for sure

How much does drogba of Chelsea fc earn a week?

115000 pounds per week

How much does Fernando Torres earn in a week including all other bonuses in Chelsea?

around £350

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