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£99.99 - UK Pounds

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โˆ™ 2011-09-17 11:46:21
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Q: How much does rugby league 3 cost for wii?
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Can you get rugby league 2 on Nintendo wii?

no you can only get rugby league 3 on wii only get rugby league 3 on wii if you have the type of wii that allows you to insert the gamecube controller otherwise don,t get it trust me using the numchuck and wii remote sucks when your playing rugby league 3

Is there a rugby game Nintendo Wii?

The only rugby game on wii I know is rugby league 3, 2 or 1. They are awesome!

Is there rugby league 3 on PS3?

No Rugby League 3 is a Nintendo Wii game released in Europe on April 16 2010

Is Rugby League 3 on PS2?

no just on wii

How do you pass with the wii remote on rugby league 3?

To pass on rugby league 3 you have to flick the remote in a passing action to the designated side.

Should you buy rugby league live?

no probably not, its a waste of time like the other nrl games, i made a HUGE mistake buying it, if you want a wothwhile rugby league game get rugby league 3 for wii

What platforms is rugby league 3 on?

This game is only for Nintendo Wii

Why isn't rugby league 3 on PS2?

Dont know, Just on WII

How much does Wii cost and the Wii controller?

the wii counsel will cost 275.00 and the controlers will cost 25.00 each

How much does a Wii 2012 cost?

If by this you mean "How much will a Wii cost in 2012?" then probably about $100. If by this you mean "How much will a Wii U cost?" (Nintendo's 2012 console) the price has not been announced yet.

How much does a Wii wheel cost?

ummm a wii wheel cost uh $10

How much do Wii controlers cost?

It cost 50.01$ for a pie sented wii controller!!

How much does NBA 2K11 cost on Wii?

NBA 2K11 for the Wii can cost from $35-$40

How much does a Wii cost in 2012?

A Wii right now cost between $150-$200.

How much does mincraft for Wii cost?

Minecraft isn't on the Wii.

How much does a Wii cost at Gamestop?

As of 15th July 2012, the Nintendo Wii's cost at GameStop is $79.99.

How much did the Wii cost in 2006?


Where can you buy a wii Kinect and how much does it cost?

There is no such thing as a wii kinect.

How much does it cost for Minecraft on the Wii in Utah?

Minecraft is not available for the Wii.

How much does Wii cost the Wii controller?

The Wii Controller and console costs: $250.00 in total. If you want to buy two controllers, then it will cost: $270.00.

How much does wii connect 24 cost?

Wii Connect 24 is free

How much does mariokart wii with wii wheel at blockbuster in Australia cost?


How much does the Wii game cost in UK?

depends on which wii game you dunce

How much does Wii sports cost?

Wii sports costs $20-25.

How much does a Wii cost from US?

before a Wii in the US cost $249.99 but now the price has been reduced to $199.99