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More than what is left of our once-wonderful country can afford.

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Q: How much does it cost to host Olympics?
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How much has it cost Britain to host the Olympics?

too much?!

How much did it cost to host the Beijing Olympics?

=about $50,000,000,000=

How much did it cost Atlanta to host the Olympics?

$35 million

How much will 2012 London Olympics cost to host?


How much did the cost of Atlanta Georgia Olympics?

it cost atlanta about 1.8 billion dollars to host the summer Olympics

What is the cost to host the Olympics?


How much is it going to cost the UK to host the London Olympics?

The London 2012 Olympics is Costing us About 15 Billion Pounds in debt and it is increasing!!!

How much money has each host country spent on the Olympics?

The cost of the Sochi Olympics in 2012 cost the government of Russia about $51 billion. It is estimated that the nation will eventually recover all of that money and more.

Why are the Olympics bad for any country?

The Olympics are Very expensive. It costs billions of dollars to host the Olympics which only last two weeks in the host nation. A lot of countries have gone into major debt hosting the Olympics. The Summer Olympics should have a permanent home in Greece, and the Winter Olympics should have a permanent home in Sweden or Switzerland. The Olympics cost too much money. The expense is far too much when there is so much poverty in the world.

How much does it cost to host the Olympics?

The Lighter Side More than any country can afford but not enough to massage the egos of polititions.

How much are the Olympics going to cost?

It is going to cost us £9900million pounds for the Olympics!!

When did Auckland host the Olympics?

Auckland did not host the Olympics

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